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    The King over the Vodka

    There’s been a big stramash about Alex Salmond hosting a regular chat show on Russia Today. Nicola Sturgeon is November frosty with him. You can read all about it here and here. I haven’t anything to add. I only wrote this post as context for this video: Salmond's new TV show looks awful. pic.twitter.com/uNXADESC6c — Brian Spatel (@BrianSpanner1) November 10, 2017

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    Against the Grain

    The endless, endless tune, Of Indy vs Yoon Everyone agreed the campaign for Holyrood was dull, consisting of silly photo opportunities. Social media, cacophonous during the referendum and noisy during the General Election, was a dull grumble. (An aside. Democratic politicians, like courtiers, have no dignity, nor should they. Asking for a vote is not a dignified act. The dignity is with those putting a cross on a ballot paper or counting votes.) Counting votes in Edinburgh Everyone agreed that the SNP would win an easy majority in Scotland’s rebarbative voting system.   And those of us who dread that referendum that is constantly going to be triggered by Brexit,…

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    The intellectual vs the roaring boys

    I wasn’t going to bother with The Last Kingdom. *Saxons vs Danes isn’t a period of history I’m much interested in. However Tom Holland, who is researching the Heptarchy was on Twitter saying that the portrait of Alfred was very good, so I scrolled through Episode 2 till he turned up, and he is good (played by David Dawson). A melancholy intellectual, visionary yet shrewd. Fragile, delicate and only an adequate warrior whereas the Danes thoroughly enjoy the whole business of close combat sword and shield play. His intellectualism takes the form as it would in his time, of theological debate, his politics are cool and ruthless. “Most prudent, far-seeing…

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    My MP

    After the indy referendum in September 2014 we No voters – who were startled to find we’d been given a new identity, Unionists or Nawbags – thought we could forget about that interruption and get back to normality. Wrong. The SNP rode high, grabbed 56/59 (95%) of the Westminster seats in the general election and are likely to take as many in next year’s Holyrood election. Their opposition is fragmented into the old parties of Liberal Democrat, Labour and Conservative, Labour has been broken and the only party that has gained are the Conservatives as the full-out Unionist party under the gutsy Ruth Davidson. So it’s been a gloomy time…

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    An answer for everything, always the same answer

    Though there has been a lot of noise in the media about the anniversary of the IndyRef I haven’t noticed it much in real life and social media except among the die-hards on both sides. I am hoping it will grow quieter as time goes by. Here’s a study of the demographics of the voters. I fit the No voter template – female, right age bracket, average earner, Protestant (by birth), not born in Scotland. Average earners don’t want to take risks.  You’re one pay packet away from not being able to meet your mortgage payment (not that that was my reason for voting No.) It’s interesting though how the…

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    Wilted Tulips

    THIS IS CROSS-POST FROM A RABBIT’S EYE-VIEW OF THE HYPERBOREAN NORTH. With the exception of Khrushchev handing the Crimean peninsular to Ukraine, all modern ethnic conflicts in the former Soviet Union can be assumed to have been caused to the madness of the web-toed demon, Stalin. It all looked so good when the tulips were repotted in the Tian Shan, and the not-so-benign autocrat Kurmanbek Bakiyev fled to the arms of another head of state who, in a previous life, would have been his factory supervisor; and Kyrgyzstan entered an interim Government under Roza Otunbayeva. Alas, this being part of the former Soviet Union which is not on the Baltic,…

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    Jews influence the darnedest things

    Edmund Standing’s recent cross-post about a BNP Life Member’s neo-Nazi blog revealed, among other things, that the BNPer is a fan of a Swedish white nationalist singer called Saga. Among Saga’s stirring paeans to Aryan superiority is a song called “Tomorrow Belongs to Me,” which she sings utterly unironically in this tribute to all things Nordic. As I assume everyone knows, the song is from the musical “Caberet.” In the movie version, it is featured in an unforgettable scene depicting the sinister appeal of Nazism. What the white nationalists may not know is that the man who created those stirring lyrics which touch the hearts of Saga and other neo-Nazis…

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    Glad To Be English

    There is an article up at The Spittoon about identity by guest poster, Tariq, entitled “Is Ashley Cole British”, on the nature of English and British identity. This is a huge topic, and one which no short blog post can cover adequately, and I expect that the discussion that follows this post will contain the most interesting ideas. Tariq says: Having listened to the two young ignoramuses put forward by the BNP to represent them on BBC’s Radio 1 last week, I began to think of a debate I had with some of my friends a few years ago. You see, all my life up until then I had never…

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    Scotland and the Repudiation of America

    This is a guest post by Professor Tom Gallagher. Tom’s new book, The Illusion of Freedom: Scotland Under Nationalism, is published next month Robert S. Mueller III, director of the FBI for nearly a decade, wrote to the Scottish Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill in terms which have not been used by a senior US official to a friendly state, not even when relations were strained with France and Germany back in 2003 when the Americans removed Saddam Hussein. Perhaps it is necessary to go back to the late 1980s when a West European Haed of State, Kurt Waldheim was actually persona non gratae in the US. What prompted him to…

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    Secretary Clinton Encounters a Nation on the March

    This is a guest post by Tom Gallagher. Tom’s new book, The Illusion of Freedom: Scotland Under Nationalism, is published next month One of Alex Salmond’s first acts as Scotland’s ‘First Minister’ was to remove the toe-curling logo, on view at national entry points, ‘WELCOME TO THE BEST SMALL COUNTRY IN THE WORLD’. The government of the now forgotten Jack McConnell, the legate of British Labour in Scotland from 2002 to 2007, had shelled out a small fortune to an advertising agency in order to dream up a slogan meant to encapsulate Scotland for its visitors. But in light of the Scoto-American splat that has developed over the fate of…