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NOMS Muslim Advisor Ahtsham Ali faces the sack for hiring anti-Western Imams

This is a guest post by a former Muslim prison chaplain We’ve previously written about the controversial NOMS Muslim Advisor Ahtsham Ali and his links to Islamist extremism, and exposed his policy of recruiting hard-line anti-Western Imams for prisons.  Today the following article appeared in The Sunday Times: A government adviser on Islam faces having […]

NOMS Muslim Advisor Ahtsham Ali responsible for recruiting anti-western Imams for British prisons

This is a guest post by a former Muslim prison chaplain On 29th November 2015, we published an article about the NOMS Muslim Advisor Ahtsham Ali and highlighted concerns about his background, including: his links to Islamist extremist groups, the fact that he continues to speak on Islamist platforms and his preference for recruiting Imams […]

Is NOMS’ Muslim Advisor Ahtsham Ali an Entryist Islamist?

This is a guest post by a former Muslim prison chaplain Ahtsham Ali is the National Offender Management Service (NOMS) Muslim Advisor at HM Prison Service Headquarters.  He is responsible for appointing Muslim chaplains in prisons.  For a person in such a sensitive role he has a somewhat worrying background; he was formerly the managing […]

Peter Oborne and the Daily Telegraph

Peter Oborne has resigned from his post of chief political commentator at the Daily Telegraph.  Reasons given:- that out of deference to its advertisers the Telegraph did not cover the HSBC tax evasion scandal and also because the old conservative (small and big “C”) newspaper has been losing its direction and its traditional readership. I […]

Egypt bans Muslim Brotherhood again

AP reports: An Egyptian court on Monday ordered the Muslim Brotherhood to be banned and its assets confiscated in a dramatic escalation of a crackdown by the military-backed government against supporters of the ousted Islamist president Mohammed Morsi. Of course this has been tried before. In 1954, a Brotherhood member tried to assassinate [President Gamal […]

The Muslim Brotherhood are not absolved today in Egypt

This is a guest post by Carl Packman Writing on the situation in Egypt recently, Phil wrote: “the wheel appears to have turned full circle. The revolution is stalled and democracy, as stilted as it was, is dead.” And we can find an odd sort of analogy for its death in the socialist campaign to […]

Without fear

After being charged by the Muslim Brotherhood-dominated government of Egypt with insulting President Mohamed Morsi and Islam (the charges were dropped thanks to publicity from Jon Stewart and others), TV political satirist Bassem Youssef was not intimidated: While I am generally skeptical of comparisons to Nazi Germany, in the case of Egypt’s MB there is […]

To the US and other international governments

This is a cross post from Dr. Iman Bibars, Vice President of Ashoka Global and Regional Director of Ashoka Arab World. Open any international newspaper today and read a misleading, watered-down version of the truth. Muslim Brotherhood supporters clash with protestors, Morsi’s backers and rivals battle in streets of Cairo, Egypt descends further into political turmoil – these are all spins […]

SWP Backs ‘Revolutionary’ Moslem Brotherhood and Faces Torrent of Criticism.

This is a cross post from Tendence Coatsey The Moslem Brotherhood: What a Logo! “Socialists cannot give support to the Islamists either. That would be to call for the swapping of one form of oppression for another, to react to the violence of the state by abandoning the defence of ethnic and religious minorities, women […]

Of Arms and Imams – The Egyptian Armed Forces and the Muslim Brotherhood’s chances for power

This is a guest post by Abu Faris I move to Cairo just before it all kicked off in January; I quit Cairo just before it kicks off in September. However, I do live and work in Alexandria, a volatile city at the best of times. If it goes “Boom!” here, they do it large. […]