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Archive for 'Muslim Brotherhood'

Egypt bans Muslim Brotherhood again

AP reports:
An Egyptian court on Monday ordered the Muslim Brotherhood to be banned and its assets confiscated in a dramatic escalation of a crackdown by the military-backed government against supporters of the ousted Islamist president Mohammed Morsi.
Of course this has been tried before.
In 1954, a Brotherhood member tried to assassinate [President Gamal Abdel] Nasser during [...]

The Muslim Brotherhood are not absolved today in Egypt

This is a guest post by Carl Packman
Writing on the situation in Egypt recently, Phil wrote: “the wheel appears to have turned full circle. The revolution is stalled and democracy, as stilted as it was, is dead.” And we can find an odd sort of analogy for its death in the socialist campaign to administer [...]

Without fear

After being charged by the Muslim Brotherhood-dominated government of Egypt with insulting President Mohamed Morsi and Islam (the charges were dropped thanks to publicity from Jon Stewart and others), TV political satirist Bassem Youssef was not intimidated:

While I am generally skeptical of comparisons to Nazi Germany, in the case of Egypt’s MB there is a [...]

To the US and other international governments

This is a cross post from Dr. Iman Bibars, Vice President of Ashoka Global and Regional Director of Ashoka Arab World.

Open any international newspaper today and read a misleading, watered-down version of the truth.
Muslim Brotherhood supporters clash with protestors, Morsi’s backers and rivals battle in streets of Cairo, Egypt descends further into political turmoil – these are all spins on what [...]

SWP Backs ‘Revolutionary’ Moslem Brotherhood and Faces Torrent of Criticism.

This is a cross post from Tendence Coatsey

The Moslem Brotherhood: What a Logo!
“Socialists cannot give support to the Islamists either. That would be to call for the swapping of one form of oppression for another, to react to the violence of the state by abandoning the defence of ethnic and religious minorities, women and gays, [...]

Of Arms and Imams – The Egyptian Armed Forces and the Muslim Brotherhood’s chances for power

This is a guest post by Abu Faris
I move to Cairo just before it all kicked off in January; I quit Cairo just before it kicks off in September. However, I do live and work in Alexandria, a volatile city at the best of times. If it goes “Boom!” here, they do it large. After [...]

The 9/11 Statement: irredeemably tainted

A whole host of Muslim organisations have signed up to a ‘9/11 Statement by Coalition of British Muslim Organisations’, as reported here. Included on the list is the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB).
Let’s remind ourselves of what the MAB is all about. In 2006, the Daily Mail reported:
Despite promoting itself as the ‘moderate’ voice of [...]

Ireland refuses entry to notorious fascist activist

The Irish Independent reports that Yusuf al-Qaradawi has been banned from entering Ireland. However:
Despite Mr Al-Qaradawi’s controversial remarks, the ICCI, the largest Muslim organisation in the country, has refused to criticise him. Its chief executive, Dr Nooh al-Kaddo, confirmed to the Irish Independent that Mr Al-Qaradawi’s foundation had its headquarters at the ICCI. He described [...]

Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt: Brotherhood and Salafists to form election coalition

This is a cross-post from Just Journalism.
Today Egyptian daily Al Masry Al Youmreports that the Muslim Brotherhood has announced plans to form a coalition in parliament ‘in order to combat the secular political forces in the country.’ ‘Muslim leaders: We want an Islamic state’, explains:
‘A number of religious leaders representing Muslim movements have announce [sic] that [...]

What future for Islamism now?

This is a cross-post by Shiraz Maher from Standpoint Magazine

Pity the Islamists; the rug has been pulled out from under their feet.
There is a lot of debate at the moment about what the fallout from the Middle East’s uprisings will mean for the region. Is this the start of an Islamist uprising [...]