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Trump the cartoon tough guy

The smartest and most incisive writing about Donald Trump is being produced by conservatives who have the sense to be horrified by him and his sycophants.
And so I recommend this article by Kevin Williamson of The National Review in which he explains how Trump’s tough-guy persona is an utter sham. He suggests that Trump is [...]


A good interview on National Public Radio with Prof. Deborah Lipstadt about the new film “Denial,” based on the legal challenge she faced from David Irving in 1996 after she called him a Holocaust denier.

Here’s the trailer. Avoid the comments if you don’t want to have your stomach turned. Apparently Irving is a martyr to [...]

Trumbo: Stalinists as victims

Cross-posted from Eric Lee
“Trumbo” is a the latest in a series of Hollywood films that looks back nostalgically at the McCarthy era, a time when the good guys were blacklisted writers accused of membership in the Communist Party, and the bad guys were the US government, studio bosses, and right-wing media.
The first of those films [...]

Unleash the news!

I’ve just seen the film Spotlight, an investigative thriller.  A team of journalists working for the Boston Globe dig into records and interview witnesses and after a year of toil finally gain their prize, the story of the widespread abuse of children by priests and the Roman Catholic Church’s cover up.
It’s an exciting film, well-acted, [...]

Again with the “Star Wars”?

I saw the original “Star Wars” movie when it came out in 1977. I never had the slightest desire to see any of the subsequent sequels or prequels, and haven’t.
I’ve sometimes wondered if I would have felt differently if I had been, say, 10 years younger. And I’ve decided: Nah.

“The Interview” is back

After pressure from President Obama, among others, the good news is that Sony Entertainment has reversed itself and agreed to a limited release on December 25 of the movie “The Interview”– a comedy about a CIA-sponsored assassination of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.
The less-good news is that “The Interview” is, by most reports, a [...]

No joke

When I posted last June about an upcoming movie comedy depicting a CIA plot to assassinate North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, I titled the post: Not coming soon to the Pyongyang multiplex.
Now, it appears, it won’t be coming to any theaters in the US either.
Sony Pictures Entertainment has dropped its plans for a Dec. [...]


On Sunday I drove 50 miles to the big city (Roanoke, Virginia) to see “Rosewater,” a movie based on the experiences of the Iranian-born journalist Maziar Bahari as he covered the beginning of the 2009 Green Revolution and underwent 118 days of solitary confinement, endless interrogation and brutal treatment in Iran’s notorious Evin Prison as [...]

“When you have to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk”

RIP Eli Wallach, dead at 98, the son of Polish Jewish immigrants who played the Mexican bandit Tuco in “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” and did as much as Clint Eastwood and the musical score to make that film a classic.

WikiLeaks: the movie

Coming in October to a theater possibly near you:

Garance Franke-Ruta writes:
Based on Daniel Domscheit-Berg’s book Inside WikiLeaks: My Time with Julian Assange at the World’s Most Dangerous Website and David Leigh and Luke Harding’s WikiLeaks: Inside Julian Assange’s War on Secrecy, the film covers the heady early days of the site and appears from the [...]