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Martin Sheen, Woody Harrelson and Ed Asner are slated to star in a movie called September Morn.
Styling itself as a drama in the tradition of Twelve Angry Men, the film’s advance publicity note hints at a cover-up, saying: “We the people demand that the government revisit and initiates a thorough and independent investigation to the [...]

More lies and intellectual dishonesty

This is a cross post by John Rentoul from The Independent.
Professor John Newsinger is senior lecturer in history at Bath Spa University. He has written a book review for a supposedly serious academic journal, Race & Class. It is subscription-only, but the review starts thus:
Studies of the Labour party have overwhelmingly focused on its domestic [...]

Syrian lawyer: Elie Wiesel is the most dangerous man on earth

That’s according to Thaer Ahmad Ibrahim, secretary of the media committee of the Syrian Lawyers Union, interviewed on the pro-Assad Syrian TV station al-Dunya.
(Some Hungarian government officials might be inclined to agree.)

Gosh, I didn’t know half that stuff.
More seriously, is this yet another sign of the slow-motion nervous breakdown of the Syrian regime?

“You are all ignoramuses”

Normally I don’t find antisemitism amusing, but I couldn’t stop myself from smiling at this clip featuring “Lebanese New Age Guru Maryam Nour”– who, refreshingly, was not taken seriously on LBC:

Update: If you have trouble telling from the translation on the video who said what, here is a transcript.

Pro-Chavez TV host loses his mind on the air

And he’s not the one they are investigating.
The BBC reports:

A Venezuelan crossword compiler has been questioned by intelligence agents after being accused of hiding a coded assassination message in a puzzle.
Neptali Segovia denies using his crossword in the national newspaper Ultimas Noticias to incite the murder of President Hugo Chavez’s brother, Adan.
Answers to clues included [...]

Polly Toynbee’s Ridiculous Suggestion

April Fools’ Day was over a week ago, but today the  Guardian newspaper has  published the most jaw-dropping, stupid suggestion in an article by Polly Toynbee.  Her idea is summed up in the article’s title:
The tax and finances of every citizen must be open to public scrutiny.
The rest of the article tries to justify this [...]

Comedy Corner

“2+2=6″; “Yes, Comrade!”

The US based Socialist Workers Party should not be confused with the British organisation of the same name, but they do have some similarities: they are both rest homes for the politically deluded, social misfits, psychopaths, and swivel-eyed totalitarian monsters.
We can get some idea of the support the US SWP have because they run candidates [...]

On Killing Babies

I am sure that many people  will be as shocked as I am by this report that has appeared in the Daily Telegraph:

Infanticide should be legal, Oxford experts say
A group of medical ethicists linked to Oxford University has argued that killing young babies is no different from abortion, and should be allowed even when there [...]

Lee Barnes and the Psychedelic Revolution

Thus Spake Lee Barnes:
The word says it all really doesnt it.
Twitter – twit, twat etc etc
But come on lets be honest what does it say about the person that likes using the twitter on his phone ( the twitoris ? ) and who does the twitting ( The twittee ? ) [...]