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What Do Lord Gilbert and Ralph Nader Have In Commmon?

In 1975, as Minister of Transport, the then John Gilbert introduced the Road Traffic (Seat Belts) Bill to Westminster. Although unsuccessful, five years later the 1981 Transport Act made the wearing of front seat belts compulsory.
Ralph Nader’s 1965 publication, Unsafe at Any Speed had a more dramatic effect on US road safety.
Both men later [...]

Who Here Has Not Thought About This?

Taking Joseph W’s point about conspiracy theorists’ being preferable to those who exalt the vilest of men, conspiracy theorists still really annoy me.
What other secret desires do Saucers entertain?

Respect’s Catherine Higgins loses in Manchester Central

The remarkable Catherine Higgins, Respect’s candidate in the Manchester Central by-election, has lost what was surely a hard-fought election to Labour’s Lucy Powell.
Higgins finished ninth, with 1.09 percent of the vote, nonetheless crushing tenth-place candidate Howling Laud Hope of the Monster Raving Loony William Hill party, who received only 0.47 percent of the vote.
Update: Rob [...]


Martin Sheen, Woody Harrelson and Ed Asner are slated to star in a movie called September Morn.
Styling itself as a drama in the tradition of Twelve Angry Men, the film’s advance publicity note hints at a cover-up, saying: “We the people demand that the government revisit and initiates a thorough and independent investigation to the [...]

More lies and intellectual dishonesty

This is a cross post by John Rentoul from The Independent.
Professor John Newsinger is senior lecturer in history at Bath Spa University. He has written a book review for a supposedly serious academic journal, Race & Class. It is subscription-only, but the review starts thus:
Studies of the Labour party have overwhelmingly focused on its domestic [...]

Syrian lawyer: Elie Wiesel is the most dangerous man on earth

That’s according to Thaer Ahmad Ibrahim, secretary of the media committee of the Syrian Lawyers Union, interviewed on the pro-Assad Syrian TV station al-Dunya.
(Some Hungarian government officials might be inclined to agree.)

Gosh, I didn’t know half that stuff.
More seriously, is this yet another sign of the slow-motion nervous breakdown of the Syrian regime?

“You are all ignoramuses”

Normally I don’t find antisemitism amusing, but I couldn’t stop myself from smiling at this clip featuring “Lebanese New Age Guru Maryam Nour”– who, refreshingly, was not taken seriously on LBC:

Update: If you have trouble telling from the translation on the video who said what, here is a transcript.

Pro-Chavez TV host loses his mind on the air

And he’s not the one they are investigating.
The BBC reports:

A Venezuelan crossword compiler has been questioned by intelligence agents after being accused of hiding a coded assassination message in a puzzle.
Neptali Segovia denies using his crossword in the national newspaper Ultimas Noticias to incite the murder of President Hugo Chavez’s brother, Adan.
Answers to clues included [...]

Polly Toynbee’s Ridiculous Suggestion

April Fools’ Day was over a week ago, but today the  Guardian newspaper has  published the most jaw-dropping, stupid suggestion in an article by Polly Toynbee.  Her idea is summed up in the article’s title:
The tax and finances of every citizen must be open to public scrutiny.
The rest of the article tries to justify this [...]

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