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Code Pink at the White House

Although most of the recent craziness and detachment from reality in Washington has been concentrated among Congressional Republicans, it isn’t limited to them.
The “antiwar” Code Pink people demonstrated in front of the White House to protest a meeting between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, whom they apparently believe were plotting to start a [...]

Lunatic named Venezuela’s Information Minister [see update]

Francisco Toro at Caracas Chronicles reports:
Miguel Ángel Pérez Pirela has just been named [Venezuela's] Information Minister.
If you don’t know who this is, picture a commie Glenn Beck, but way, way nuttier. Basically a paranoid schizophrenic has now been tapped to run the chavista propaganda machine.
When last we encountered Pérez Pirela here, he was a [...]

Nutjob: “Confirmation. This was a nuclear explosion.”

Gordon Duff, George Galloway’s colleague at Press TV, confirmed it: Israel’s strike on Syrian military facilities near Damascus in early May was a nuclear attack*.

Even Press TV didn’t go with that story.
*Um, it wasn’t.
(Hat tip: EA WorldView)

You can’t get the conspiracy staff these days…

Alex Jones of Info Wars is struggling to develop a vaguely plausible conspiracy theory for the Boston Marathon bombings says Alex Seitz-Wald:
The basic outline is the same as all of his projects: A globalist cabal working through the U.S. government staged a “false flag” operation that will be blamed on terrorists as pretext to take [...]


At Press TV, a website of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Gilad Atzmon defends George Galloway’s debate walkout while spinning his conspiracy theory that Zionists actually control the anti-Israel BDS campaign.

Another victory for Nanny State Britain

It really doesn’t get more pathetic than this.

Schoolboy excluded for wearing regular rather than clip-on tie
Max Richmond, 13, said the clip-on ones were uncomfortable and childish. He prefered to wear a traditional tie of exactly the same design, given to him by a neighbour.
He was put into educational isolation for a day, for wearing the proper [...]

Sudan arrests another Zionist vulture

CNN reports:
A vulture captured by Sudanese authorities is actually an Israeli spy on a secret reconnaissance mission, a pro-government newspaper in the east African nation has claimed.
Government sources say the vulture, found in western Sudan, was tagged with a GPS-equipped camera to take and send pictures back to Israel, according to a December 8 story [...]

What Do Lord Gilbert and Ralph Nader Have In Commmon?

In 1975, as Minister of Transport, the then John Gilbert introduced the Road Traffic (Seat Belts) Bill to Westminster. Although unsuccessful, five years later the 1981 Transport Act made the wearing of front seat belts compulsory.
Ralph Nader’s 1965 publication, Unsafe at Any Speed had a more dramatic effect on US road safety.
Both men later [...]

Who Here Has Not Thought About This?

Taking Joseph W’s point about conspiracy theorists’ being preferable to those who exalt the vilest of men, conspiracy theorists still really annoy me.
What other secret desires do Saucers entertain?

Respect’s Catherine Higgins loses in Manchester Central

The remarkable Catherine Higgins, Respect’s candidate in the Manchester Central by-election, has lost what was surely a hard-fought election to Labour’s Lucy Powell.
Higgins finished ninth, with 1.09 percent of the vote, nonetheless crushing tenth-place candidate Howling Laud Hope of the Monster Raving Loony William Hill party, who received only 0.47 percent of the vote.
Update: Rob [...]