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Archive for 'Monarchy'

And God save her

The timing may be coincidental, but as Queen Elizabeth II marks her historic milestone, my favorite comic strip character, the trailer park resident Agnes, is having illusions of being queen of, er, something.
As usual, her friend and neighbor Trout tries to bring her back down to earth.

I wonder if a British mass-circulation newspaper could [...]

Are you waiting?

I’m reminded of the headline that always seemed to appear on the front page of small-town newspapers on Christmas eve:

World Awaits Christmas
Update: Ed Kilgore observes: “Great week to bury other news.”
Further update: It’s a boy. I pity him. Will there again be ceremonial banging of the table? Or was that just a legend?
Alec adds: [...]

Were you among the “two billion”?

I was not among the one-third of humanity that allegedly watched The Royal Wedding.
But Lisa de Moraes of The Washington Post raises a perfectly reasonable point: Where did the astounding figure of two billion viewers reported endlessly and breathlessly by the media (even before it happened) come from?
Presumably, the other two-thirds will be too [...]

Gaddafi phones it in

Speaking by phone to Libyan state TV, Moammar Gaddafi blamed Osama bin Laden for causing the uprising in Libya through the use of hallucinogenic pills (I’ll bet bin Laden wishes he had that much influence these days).
[Gaddafi] also argued that he was a purely “symbolic” leader with no real political power, comparing his role [...]

Table banging-gate?

When Prince William’s engagement to Kate Middleton was announced, we credulously noted Prime Minister Cameron’s report that members of his cabinet responded with a “great cheer” and “banging of the table.”
We even provided what we were assured was exclusive video of the table-banging.
Now, in the course of a New Republic article by Marcus [...]

Orwell on the Monarchy

Speaking of the British Monarchy…
George Orwell, a democratic socialist, was hardly an enthusiastic supporter of royalism, but– unlike many on the Left– he disdained reflexive sneering and hatred, and actually observed and thought about things enough to offer some fresh (if now somewhat dated) opinions.
He wrote for the Spring 1944 Partisan Review:
Nothing is harder than [...]

The traditional banging of the table

The New York Times reports:
After an autumn of dismaying news about budget cuts and Austerity Britain, the engagement [of Prince William and Kate Middleton] provided an all-purpose happy diversion. The BBC started providing saturation coverage of the announcement. Queen Elizabeth proclaimed herself to be “absolutely delighted.” Prime Minister David Cameron said that when he announced [...]

Kirchick on the Gay Friendly Communist

James Kirchick has a great piece in the Advocate on the championing by that scion of the Cuban monarchy, Mariela Castro Espín, of gay rights:
Like Sean Penn, who has also emerged of late as a self-styled advocate for gay rights, Mariela Castro Espín has a serious blind spot. It is the failure, so pervasive and [...]