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Qatar PR fail

BBC reporter Mark Lobel was invited to Qatar to report on brand new showcase accommodations for foreign workers laboring on construction projects for the 2022 World Cup.
However when Lobel and his crew ventured off on their own to cover some of the still-disgraceful living and working conditions for foreign workers, they were arrested and thrown [...]

BBC debunks Russian media lie

Here’s a BBC journalist doing what journalists are supposed to do:

Always Greener on the other side

Three months age, a headline in The Guardian:
“Green party demands inclusion in TV debates in letter to broadcaster – The Green party believe their leader Natalie Bennett should be included in next year’s TV election debates.”
The headline on the weekend:
“TV channels block Green party bid to limit Natalie Bennett’s screen time – Disastrous media appearances [...]

Net neutrality wins

The US Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday (three Democrats approving, two Republicans dissenting) to regulate the Internet as a public utility and to adopt a policy of net neutrality for broadband.
The new rules… are intended to ensure that no content is blocked and that the Internet is not divided into pay-to-play fast lanes for Internet [...]

Fox News’s questionable statistic

Because Fox News regularly accuses the Obama administration (with no evidence) of manipulating employment statistics to make the economy look better than it is, it’s only fair to raise doubts about a statistic cited by one of Fox’s resident dingbats Eric Bolling.
Responding to Obama’s remarks at a prayer breakfast, where the president cited the Crusades [...]

Ducking for Cover

Few in British media have any right to call themselves journalists. By refusing to reprint the cover of the new Charlie Hebdo – made newsworthy beyond any doubt by the slaughter in Paris – the British newspapers have abrogated their responsibility to report the news. Resorting instead to bland verbal descriptions when showing the cover [...]

BBC and NY Times: Israeli strikes in Gaza not “indiscriminate”

Two major media outlets– the BBC and The New York Times– have got around to reporting what many noticed weeks ago: that IDF strikes in Gaza have been far from “indiscriminate.”
Citing figures released by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the BBC’s head of statistics Anthony Reuben found that the number of civilian men [...]

Think the BBC’s coverage of Gaza is unbalanced? Check out The Guardian

Cross-posted from Eric Lee
Three hours after the end of the 72-hour ceasefire, Israel finally retaliated with air strikes. Hamas missiles were fired at a range of different target’s in southern parts of Israel.
The BBC headline at the moment reads:
Gaza rockets fired as ceasefire ends
Palestinian militant group Hamas rejects any extension of the three-day Gaza [...]

BBC warns of #GazaUnderAttack photos

Well done to the BBC for reporting that many of the images being posted on social media which purport to be from Israeli’s current air strikes on terrorists in Gaza, and purport to depict widespread destruction and civilian casualties, are in fact from previous years and/or from other countries.

I’m inclined to agree that the current [...]

“I’m kind of disgusted…”

You’re not the only one, Shep.

Shepard Smith continues his honorable role as the voice of sanity at Fox News. (See also here and here.)