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Archive for 'Marxism'

There is no Return from this Madness

British universities are lost. There can be no return from this madness. Successive generations of students have been indoctrinated by Marxists with little or no challenge from Liberals, so it has come to this. Read The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn if you have the time. Read this briefer, but considered and detailed essay published by […]

In defense of being a Marxist

Those who use the word Marxist as an epithet, and believe no decent person could be a Marxist, need to contend with the inconvenient example of Norm Geras– an eminently thoughtful man (the opposite of what Orwell called “the gramophone mind”), a passionate believer in liberal democracy and human rights, an anti-totalitarian and a self-styled […]