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Archive for 'London Muslim Centre'

The East London Mosque – Surrealist Politics

Islam is unethical, immoral, and unhealthy. It should be hidden from society. Let’s say a large and controversial East London Christian group invited a foreign preacher to address the congregation. In this thought experiment, the preacher is already on video record rejecting Islam with these blunt words: This is a lifestyle and an action that […]

Khalid Khan and the East London Mosque

The horrors of Islamic State (IS) have roots. Chief among them are the most viciously intolerant strands of Saudi Arabian Islam. The UK has not been spared, oh no. Consider London preacher Khalid Khan. His website offers Islamic guidance that would be most welcome in Raqqa, the IS stronghold in Syria. Try this one from […]

The East London Mosque and Sulaiman Ghani

Sulaiman Ghani is an imam of the Tooting Islamic Centre in south London. He will be one of the speakers at the “Global Aid Trust” event at the East London Mosque this Sunday. One of Ghani’s favourite causes is the championing of suspected and convicted terrorists. For example, here he is at a rally for […]

The East London Mosque and Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari

This Sunday the East London Mosque’s London Muslim Centre is due to host an event organised by a youth group. One of the scheduled speakers is Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari. Readers may recall his hideous views on punishment for adultery and marital rape. To get another measure of the man, simply read this unbelievably cruel […]

Ibrahim Hewitt and the East London Mosque

Last week Oxfam cancelled an event at the East London Mosque where Ibrahim Hewitt of Interpal was due to speak. Oxfam said: We believe that nobody should face discrimination due to their sexual orientation. We are concerned at comments about homosexuality attributed to Mr Hewitt, of which we were previously unaware, and the event has […]

Shakeel Begg and the East London Mosque

The Young Muslim Organisation UK (YMO) is a youth arm of the Islamic Forum of Europe. It has a record of promoting nasty extremists, including terrorists. Here’s a new chapter in the record. Next week the YMO will host a conference at the East London Mosque’s London Muslim Centre. Here’s the poster. Now have a […]

Fadel Soliman and the East London Mosque

This is the latest spin from the East London Mosque: Having introduced an extremely tight booking procedure, hosted workshops and training for our trustees, and devoted considerable resources to vetting speakers, we would like to reassure our community and our partners that we take our responsibilities in this arena extremely seriously. Let’s measure that claim […]

Ismail Menk on Homosexuality – “Worse than animals”

Ismail Menk is a somewhat popular preacher from Zimbabwe. He certainly has fans in the UK. Among them one finds the Tayyibun Institute, an East London group with a record of promoting vicious hate preachers. This includes a notably nasty online “teacher” roster. Tayyibun is touring Menk around the UK this month. The venues nclude […]

Khalid al-Fikri and the East London Mosque

Khalid Al-Fikri is an Egyptian Islamist preacher who has found refuge in the UK. He has abused his new home by spreading hatred and intolerance wherever he can. This makes him a perfect guest for the East London Mosque’s London Muslim Centre, where he is due to speak on the 16th of March. This post […]

The London Muslim Centre Opposes Homophobia

In response to various posters which have appeared in Tower Hamlets and other parts of East London, the director of the London Muslim Centre, Dilwar Khan has said: “We stand together with our fellow citizens against all forms of hatred, including homophobia. We are committed to building strong and cohesive communities in Tower Hamlets, and […]