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Archive for 'Libel'

Galloway libels liberal Muslim

In response, liberal Muslim tells truth about Galloway:
.@georgegalloway did u just libel me a 'former terrorist' you Saddam loving,Asad flattering,Iran backed indefatigable dictator's sycophant?
— Maajid Nawaz (@MaajidNawaz) March 9, 2015

Conveniently, Maajid Nawaz and George Galloway will appear on the same panel in London next week. Should be a good one. If anyone can cut through [...]

Bob Lambert: Pamphleteer

Before he was inserting himself in the Muslim Contact Unit and promulgating the thesis that to neutralize the threat from domestic terrorism then state organs should work alongside deeply anti-democratic and anti-secular Islamist groups, Bob Lambert was infiltrating extremist groups and dopey environmentalists alike and conducting protracted sexual relationships with female members.
And potentially [...]

A Filthy Libel Against The SWP’s Martin Smith

Over at Socialist Unity, a rogue commenter, almost certainly a Zionist, has posted a horrific libel against the veteran Socialist Workers Party activist, Martin Smith.

Shockingly, the commentator who has made this highly defamatory and untrue statement is masquerading as Andy Newman himself!
Andy Newman, as readers of Socialist Unity will know, maintains a bourgeois and liberal [...]

Tommy Sheridan

Lucy Lips adds:
Over at Socialist Unity, John Wight – a male model and soft porn author with a preoccupation with “International Jewry” – has this to say:
Shocking, terrible, disgraceful, sad…
Let those who colluded with the police and the News of the World hang their heads in shame.
Solidarity with Tommy Sheridan, his family and his many [...]

Private Eye Wins the Trafigura Challenge

I am pleased to learn, by way of Richard Wilson (no, not that one… or that other one either), that Private Eye has become the first British-based media outlet to report fully on allegations of what Trafigura got up to before their lawyers attempted to do what even Oliver Cromwell did not: subvert Parliamentary privilege [...]

Orlando Figes Pays Out

Some may recall the brouhaha that I discussed in April surrounding Orlando Figes writing hostile reviews of his rivals’ work on Amazon under a pseudonym, denying that he had written them, and instructing his lawyers on the matter. It all fell apart when the anonymous reviewer on Amazon was traced to the same address that Figes [...]

Dave Osler libel case decision

Dave Osler writes one of the best left wing blogs in the UK. For the past two years he has been fighting a libel case, details of which are posted on the excellent Jack of Kent blog. The decision will be handed down today in the high court, from Mr Justice Eady of the Simon [...]

From the Vaults: Times Literary Supplement, September 27, 2002

Orlando Figes has been a naughty boy. The chattering classes have been chattering. On April 16, I was made aware of a short article that appeared in The Times Literary Supplement. At the time, it did not appear to be on line, but it is now. The gist of this article was that someone had [...]

A sporting chance for victims of Lawfare

When newspapers reported that Robert Dee, a British tennis player was “the worst professional tennis player in the world” after the sportsman had set a record for  54 straight-set losses on the international professional circuit he threatened to sue for libel.
Like dominoes, iconic mastheads of British journalism toppled, issuing apologies and retractions. The Daily Mail wrote [...]

A good day in court for Singh and Science

This is a guest post by amie
A cheer went up at 9.45am chez amie at the single word from the courtroom on Jack of Kent’s twitter: WIN!
Simon Singh has won this leg of his defence against the libel case brought against him by the British Chiropractic Association. The judgement does more than remove the cords [...]