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Archive for 'Libel Laws'

Libel Laws Force JC To Lie

Here’s an apology in today’s JC: On May 13 2011, we published an article entitled “Pears funded charity which hosted jihadist” which related to the Pears Foundation, a charity called Forward Thinking, and an individual called Tafazal Mohammed. We have since accepted that Mr Mohammed is not a jihadist and have apologised to him, the […]

Index on Censorship and the Libel Reform Campaign Triumph

This is a press release from Index on Censorship Index on Censorship and its partners in the Libel Reform Campaign are celebrating a resounding success as Nick Clegg outlined the concrete measures the government will take to reform England’s iniquitous defamation laws. Commenting after his speech on civil liberties today, Clegg said: “I would like […]

The Nightmare is Finally Over for Dave Osler

Readers will join me in offering my congratulations to Dave Osler. Dave Osler has been pursued through the courts by a lunatic called Joanna Kaschke. Her attempt to get permission to appeal against the dismissal of her hopeless case has failed. This, I hope, is the end of it all. John Gray and Alex Hilton […]

Dave Osler Has His Say

Finally, Osler is free of the Curse of Kaschke. But at great cost: As a benefit claimant, she did not have to pay a penny in court fees. Not having to earn a living – although obviously capable of doing so – she was able to devote herself full time to acting as her own […]

Free speech here and over there

Guest post by amie During my unplanned extended stay in New York, my access to Harry’s Place was restricted. Thanks again to all those who shared their lesser known gems to explore. I now can’t wait to return to follow them all up! I had to make do with articles like this to fill the […]

Free Speech Hustings

The Libel Reform Campaign on Wednesday hosted the official “Free Speech Hustings” of the General Election 2010 in association with English PEN, Index on Censorship and Sense About Science. Speaking at the event were Dominic Grieve from the Conservatives, Evan Harris from the Liberal Democrats and Michael Wills from the Labour Party, going head to […]

Reality and Eady

Simon Singh’s win in his libel case was very welcome news. Elsewhere, lawfare thugs scored a victory this week. The Express newspaper has paid “substantial damages” and apologised to the trustees of a charity at the High Court this morning after incorrectly linking their organisation to an Al Qaeda commander. Idris Atcha, Mohammed Idris, Zaker […]

Simon Singh Wins Libel Case

This is a cross-post from Index on Censorship Simon Singh wins! The British Chiropractic Association(BCA) has today served a Notice of Discontinuance bringing to an end its libel claim against Dr Simon Singh. The science writer was accused of libel for an article in which he cast doubt on chiropractors’ claims of success in treatment […]

“Racist and Inflammatory”

As we know, George Galloway is so sensitive about “racist and inflammatory” words that he calls in the libel lawyers when, oh, the Hamas charter is quoted in a discussion of his politics. It just wouldn’t do to associate him or Viva Palestina with a bunch of terrorists and racists, would it? Galloway with Hamas […]

A Message from Simon Singh

“A big step for me, a small step for libel reform, and what you can do to help today” Dear friends, Sorry for the silence, but it has been a ridiculously hectic (and happy) time since last week’s victory at the Court of Appeal. However, I urgently wanted to get in touch to update you […]