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Archive for 'Lawfare'

Haras Ahmed and Prevent Watch: the facts

This is a cross-post from Andrew Gilligan
I wrote in the Sunday Telegraph in January last year about something called Prevent Watch, an organisation of Islamist activists linked to the terror-sympathising group Cage (famously supportive of “Jihadi John”) who promote inflammatory stories about the Government’s anti-terrorism policy, Prevent. I discovered that not only were many of [...]

Salman Butt of Islam21C versus Downing Street

If you want to challenge Islamist extremists, one of the hazards you will face is aggravating lawfare.
Some will aim very high indeed.
Take Salman Butt, Chief Editor of the Islamist website Islam21C. In 2015, Downing Street named him as one of six people “on record as expressing views contrary to British values” when it launched [...]

Prurient Interest of the Public

I’m seeing lots of stupid headlines, like this one in The Guardian today:
“Injunction ruling enables celebrities to hide sex lives, says top lawyer”
Is anyone asking why celebrities should not – like any other person – be able to keep their sex lives private? What concern is it of anyone’s how Mr X or Ms Y [...]

Steve Bell v Arthur Kemp: Takedown Notice Race

Harry’s Place announces an exciting competition – a Takedown Notice Race.
Back in February, Arthur Kemp, the British National Party’s former foreign affairs spokesman and webmaster devoted considerable amounts of his time to having this picture removed from the internet:

Arthur Kemp is a Nazi, yet for some reason appears ashamed of having been photographed with Nazi [...]

Interpal and Hamas: Breakfast With Ismail

The British charity Interpal tends to react furiously when it is linked to Hamas.
So what’s this then?

Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas participates in the breakfast with the martyrs’ families and orphans in Gaza and the ceremony was held in Ramadan food iftar Interpal Foundation charity. August 11, 2011

Was Interpal embarrassed? Oh [...]

Private Eye Wins the Trafigura Challenge

I am pleased to learn, by way of Richard Wilson (no, not that one… or that other one either), that Private Eye has become the first British-based media outlet to report fully on allegations of what Trafigura got up to before their lawyers attempted to do what even Oliver Cromwell did not: subvert Parliamentary privilege [...]

“Muslim Brotherhood” Finsbury Park Mosque Libel Against Against Policy Exchange Fails

So, the Finsbury Park Mosque libel action against Policy Exchange has ended in ignominious defeat for the Muslim Brotherhood aligned institution. Already embattled, as a result of the accusations of misconduct levelled at it by former Trustee and Labour MP, Khalid Mahmood, the Mosque is on the ropes.
Policy Exchange is pleased to report that the [...]

Lawfare in the UK : Who Is Behind It This Time?

This is a cross-post from Shiraz Maher
Britain’s pernicious libel laws are in the spotlight again: recently the Spectator, a weekly publication focusing on politics, culture and the arts, settled an ongoing dispute with IslamExpo following legal threats. The organizers objected to an article by Stephen Pollard (editor of the Jewish Chronicle) which drew attention to [...]

A sporting chance for victims of Lawfare

When newspapers reported that Robert Dee, a British tennis player was “the worst professional tennis player in the world” after the sportsman had set a record for  54 straight-set losses on the international professional circuit he threatened to sue for libel.
Like dominoes, iconic mastheads of British journalism toppled, issuing apologies and retractions. The Daily Mail wrote [...]

A good day in court for Singh and Science

This is a guest post by amie
A cheer went up at 9.45am chez amie at the single word from the courtroom on Jack of Kent’s twitter: WIN!
Simon Singh has won this leg of his defence against the libel case brought against him by the British Chiropractic Association. The judgement does more than remove the cords [...]