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Go to Jail (Not)

Dilemma 6 years in Ecuador embassy to avoid arrest 6 months in Wandsworth Prison for skipping bail Which would you choose? Wandsworth Prison – institutional food, dodgy fellow prisoners, mail bags to sew, no view 6 years in Ecuador embassy – unlimited internet, balcony, chance to influence American elections, visits from that Bay Watch chick […]

Corbyn supporters and Trump judge judges by ethnicity

It’s shocking and disturbing that some supporters of Jeremy Corbyn have suggested that the judge who ruled against him in a Labour party membership case was biased against him because he was born in Israel or because his is a Zionist or because he attended a Jewish boarding school. Lord Justice Jack Beatson ruled in […]

Justice Antonin Scalia dies

Justice Antonin Scalia, who was appointed to the Supreme Court by Ronald Reagan in 1986, has died at the age of 79. Scalia was one of the conservative stalwarts on a court which frequently splits 5 to 4 on key decisions, so his death, and President Obama’s responsibility to appoint a new justice to fill […]

Dying and the law

Two very different current news stories both hinge on legal complexities in the relationship between death and the law.  In the case of the targeted drone attacks on British citizens Reyaad Khan and Ruhul Amin the focus is on how we interpret existing law and whether it is adequate for the realities of modern day […]

Virginia: then and now

It was almost half a century ago that the US Supreme Court, in the case of Loving vs. Virginia, unanimously upheld the right of a man and a woman of different races to marry by declaring state anti-miscegenation laws unconstitutional. One of the states which banned interracial marriages was Virginia. On April 10, 1967, Virginia’s […]

Damned if you do…

There are two stories currently on the BBC News “Most Popular” list of today’s headlines, both apparently about what Muslims want from the British police. (1) Muslim ex-police officer criticises Prevent anti-terror strategy The government’s anti-terror strategy has become “a toxic brand”, a Muslim former senior police officer has said… Dal Babu, a chief superintendent until […]

Salaries, benefits, cuts

Both Jack Straw and Sir Malcolm Rifkind have been suspended from their respective parties following cash for access allegations. As the BBC reported: It is claimed that Mr Straw was recorded describing how he operated “under the radar” and had used his influence to change EU rules on behalf of a firm which paid him […]

The More Effective Torture Is, The More Important It Is That It Should Be Banned

This is a cross-post from Barrister Blogger by Matthew Scott The question, as counsel love to say to witnesses wrestling with an unfair question, is a simple one: If a nuclear time bomb is ticking away at an undisclosed central London location, is it morally permissible to torture somebody to discover its location so that […]

Exaro News Is Playing A Dangerous Game With Its Paedophile Murder Story

This is a cross-post from Barrister Blogger Exaro News has been drip feeding allegations and rumours of a paedophile sex ring in high places for many months. Today – in collaboration with the Sunday People – it has alleged that it was not only a sex but a murder ring. A Tory MP strangled a 12 […]

Grayling’s Human Rights Law Is A Stupid And Incoherent Gimmick That Could Destroy The Union

This is a cross-post from Barrister Blogger by Matthew Scott Chris Grayling announced today that the Conservative Party will fight the next election on a promise to introduce a “British Rights and Responsibilities Bill” that will “completely change the way in which our human rights laws work.” In essence his plan is to make the European […]