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The Tehran-Caracas-Buenos Aires connection

Guest post by Cait
At the end of a lengthy interview on the Argentine news program Dos Voces, televised on January 14, the late Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman calmly said that whether he lived or died, he had evidence to back his formal accusation that the Argentine president and her foreign minister conspired with Iran to [...]

Sociology professor arrested after rant on plane

If you liked “Snakes on a Plane” (and even if you never saw it, you have to like the title), prepare yourself for the even more terrifying sequel “Chavista on a Plane”:

Note: She is ranting against an order issued by Barack Obama.

Obama sanctions human rights abusers in Venezuela

Cross-posted from the Human Rights Foundation
The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) welcomes the executive order issued yesterday by President Obama that imposes targeted sanctions against Venezuelan citizens involved in recent human rights abuses in the country. The order, which also expresses concern about the Venezuelan government’s treatment of its political opponents, names seven individuals sanctioned under the [...]

The continuing farce in Argentina

The tragic farce surrounding the death of Argentinian AMIA bombing prosecutor Alberto Nisman continues unabated.
Reuters reports:
The Argentinian government took out full-page advertisements in local newspapers on Wednesday, stressing that a stalled agreement with Iran remained the best way to get to the bottom of the deadly 1994 bombing of a Buenos Aires Jewish community center.
An [...]

Judge throws out Nisman’s case against Kirchner, but questions remain

Now that an Argentinian judge has dismissed the charges originally brought by prosecutor Alberto Nisman– that President Cristinia Fernandez de Kirchner and other leading officials tried to cover up evidence of Iranian involvement in the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish community center in Buenos Aires which killed 85 people– there are still some unanswered [...]

Kirchneristas know whom to blame

Responding to the hundreds of thousands of Argentinians who took to the streets in a downpour Wednesday to protest the response of President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s government to the likely murder of AMIA bombing prosecutor Alberto Nisman, supporters of Kirchner are planning their own demonstration on March 1:
The government of Argentina is pushing its [...]

Caracas mayor is latest victim of crackdown on opposition

The Independent reports:

A mayor in Venezuela was arrested in dramatic scenes yesterday after dozens of armed police broke into his office and forcibly removed him from the building.
Caracas mayor Antonio Ledezma was physically escorted out of the premises by Sebin officers after being accused of sowing seeds of unrest in the country and allegedly plotting [...]

Kirchner charged in AMIA bombing coverup

If (as seems likely) Argentine AMIA bombing prosecutor Alberto Nisman was murdered rather than committing suicide; and if the purpose of the murder was to derail legal proceedings against President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and other top government officials in connection with covering up Iran’s role in the 1994 atrocity which killed 85 people; then [...]

Kirchner’s speech

Perhaps those who are fluent in Spanish can give us some idea of what she said and how she said it, but Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s one-hour televised address dealing with the death of AMIA bombing prosecutor Alberto Nisman offers the remarkable sight of La Presidenta dressed entirely in white and seated in [...]

Journalist who broke Nisman story tells of fleeing Argentina

Damian Pachter, the Argentine journalist who first reported the death of AMIA bombing prosecutor Alberto Nisman, writes for Haaretz about the threats that convinced him to flee for his life and go to Israel.
I have no idea when I’ll be back in Argentina; I don’t even know if I want to. What I do [...]