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Archive for 'Latin America'

New Argentinian president rejects Iran deal

According to Jeremy Corbyn’s favorite newspaper The Morning Star, the victory of Mauricio Macri in the runoff election for president of Argentina over outgoing president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s chosen successor Daniel Scioli is part of a sinister wave of US-backed destabilization against “leftwing” governments in Latin America. The previous government of Cristina Fernandez was […]

Ex-Venezuelan prosecutor: Lopez trial was a “farce”

One of the prosecutors in the farcical trial of Leopoldo Lopez– which ended in a 13-year prison sentence for the Venezuelan opposition leader– has now admitted that, yes, it was indeed a farce. …Franklin Nieves, one of the two main prosecutors in the case against the opposition leader, Leopoldo López, has released a video in […]

Leopoldo Lopez sentenced to 13 years in prison

After a farcical secret trial, Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez has been sentenced to more than 13 years in prison for his alleged role in inciting violence against the regime in 2014. According to the Human Rights Foundation: The criminal proceedings against López were riddled with due process violations. The trial consisted of 70 hearings […]

Angry chavistas burn portraits of Chavez and Maduro

Before Jeremy Corbyn addresses another “Venezuela Solidarity” event, he may want to consider the latest events in the town of Sinamaica in the Venezuelan border region of Guajira. At one time a pro-Chavez, pro-regime stronghold, the region has lately suffered, like much of the rest of Venezuela, from desperate shortages of food, water and electricity. […]

Western chavistas support regime as it imprisons and tortures dissenters

The Latin American TV propaganda outlet TeleSUR— funded mostly by the Venezuelan government– launched an English-language website last year. The website recently featured a speech by MP Jeremy Corbyn– a (no-chance, I hope) candidate for leadership of the Labour party– addressing a meeting of the pro-regime Venezuela Solidarity Campaign in London. According to TeleSUR’s account, […]

Evidence-tampering in Nisman case exposed on Argentine TV

Guest post by Cait Argentine radio, TV, and print journalist Jorge Lanata* returned to the airwaves a few days ago with a four-hour special program covering evidence-tampering in the investigation into the January death of special prosecutor Alberto Nisman, who was investigating the Argentine government’s role in covering up evidence of Iranian involvement in the […]

Venezuelan regime bars journalist Petkoff from leaving the country

The anti-Chavista democratic Left in Venezuela is too often ignored. But if it has one figure most worthy of respect and admiration, that figure is Teodoro Petkoff. Petkoff is a former Communist, a former guerilla fighter and a former political prisoner. After the 1968 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, he rejected left-wing authoritarianism and in 1971 […]

“Legitimate Justice” in Argentina

Guest post by Cait “Prosecutor De Luca had a job to do and he did it.” —María Laura Garrigós de Rébori, head of the Argentina’s Criminal Appeals Court and president of Justicia Legitima (Legitimate Justice) As widely anticipated, on April 20 Javier De Luca, a prosecutor in Argentina’s highest criminal court, dismissed the late Alberto […]

“The case is still alive”

Guest post by Cait Kirchnerismo has now tried twice to put an end to Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman’s charge that Argentine president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, her foreign minister Hector Timerman and two Kirchnerite heavies conspired with Iran to cover up the AMIA Jewish community center bombing of July 18, 1994, which killed 85 people. […]

Maduro’s “sign or else” petition

In the weeks leading up to the regional summit last week in Panama City, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro put aside such mundane concerns as a collapsing economy, exploding inflation, shortages of basic goods, out-of-control crime and corrupt police to concentrate on something really important– collecting millions of signatures on a petition denouncing recent US sanctions […]