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Yes he can, can’t he?

Good grief. Is Ed Miliband crowd-sourcing his speech writing to people taking the day off from brain-farting hippy platitudes on Comment is Free?
Here’s a sample of his column for The Independent which leaves one with the feeling he doesn’t entirely understand who these Isis chaps are. If he did, he wouldn’t be peddling even softer [...]

Labour’s “EDL Problem”

Imagine the furore if it turned out that a local Conservative Association had selected, as its candidate for the upcoming General Election, a man who had been an active and senior member of the EDL or BNP. Imagine that this man also had a record of saying outrageous things about various matters of public concern; [...]

Will Labour discuss humanitarian intervention?

If I were British, I would almost certainly be a member of the Labour party– not just because I mostly agree with its social and economic policies (although I probably lean slightly to the party’s right) but because of its proud history of standing for genuine democratic socialism and social democracy as opposed to Communism.
I [...]

Chris Bryant – a different perspective

Perhaps Dan Hodges is justified in suggesting that Labour is dog-whistling on immigration issues – certainly the emphasis seems tipped more towards those worried about immigration than those worried about racism in the opening paragraphs of Chris Bryant’s speech.
First, whilst I don’t think anybody is seriously in doubt that immigrants have made an enormous contribution [...]

The 1899 New York newsboys’ strike

When I began blogging here, one of the things I wanted to do with some regularity was to recall some of the largely-forgotten events in US labor history.
I made a start with my post (recently updated) on the 90th anniversary of the stampede that killed more than 70 people (mostly children of striking copper miners) [...]

Labour Embraces Islamist Extremists

This blog has chronicled numerous Labour MPs helping, promoting and whitewashing extremists.
The problem goes right to the top of the party.
Earlier this month Ed Miliband appeared at an “invitation only” Labour event for Muslims at the London Central Mosque. For party company he had Labour MPs Sadiq Khan and Andy Slaughter, two inveterate helpers [...]

“Never to shrug shoulders at injustice”

“Britain has given my family everything. Britain and the spirit, the determination, the courage of the people who rebuilt Britain after the Second World War. And now the question is asked again: who in this generation will rebuild Britain for the future? Who can come up to the task of rebuilding Britain?
Friends, it falls to [...]

But where’s the iPhone 5 I ordered?

When last we encountered Homer Simpson, he had voted for Mitt Romney (“He did invent Obamacare”), been shown Romney’s previously secret tax returns, been sucked through a giant tube to the assembly line of a Chinese factory making American flags, found Ned Flanders working next to him and jumped out a window, only to be [...]

Hate Meetings In Parliament

Here is Labour MEP Richard Howitt, properly standing up against extremism and hatred in the European Parliament:
Socialist MEP Richard Howitt has demanded an investigation after right-wingers allegedly “hijacked” parliament’s facilities.
It comes following what the deputy called a “clandestine” meeting of European far-right groups on Monday.
The British member has now raised the issue with parliament’s president [...]

FOSIS and Sadiq Khan

The government has rightly identified the Islamist student group FOSIS as part of the country’s extremist problem.
There is really nothing else to do with a group that sees the hate preacher, jihad enthusiast and antisemite Haitham Al-Haddad as just the man to train its leaders and preach to British Muslim students.
For more on FOSIS’s long [...]