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Jeremy Corbyn isn’t a “nice guy” – he’s an apologist for racists and bigots.

This is a guest post by James Hamblin
Imagine, for a moment, that David Cameron had repeated the ancient antisemitic myth known as the “blood libel”, the idea that Jews murder non-Jewish children in order to use their blood for ritual purposes. Or what if he had said that Jews were “the chief financiers of the [...]

Shami Chakrabarti is Disappointed

The Mail picked up on the story that Shami Chakrabarti had described Moazzam Begg as “a wonderful advocate he is for human rights and in particular for human liberty“.
This is her response:
I have always spoken against anti-Semitism and all forms of racism. I long campaigned for the release of Mr Begg and all other [...]

Shami Chakrabarti praised Moazzam Begg as “a wonderful advocate for human rights and in particular for human liberty”

Shami Chakrabarti, who has recently joined the Labour Party, is the Chair of its Independent Inquiry into Antisemitism.
The scope of the Inquiry has been expanded to include other forms of racism, and Islamophobia.
It is perfectly possible to oppose the actions or political beliefs of Zionist organisations and Israeli politicians, or the conduct of the Israeli [...]

Sadiq Khan and Denry Machin

If Sadiq Khan was a fictional character, I’d suspect his creator had used Arnold Bennett’s The Card (1911) for inspiration. Bennett’s hero, the engaging opportunist Denry Machin, was born in humble circumstances, and his mother worked as a seamstress – as did Sadiq’s.   Sadiq’s past behaviour (as widely documented here and elsewhere) is open [...]

Corbyn’s (literal) lack of backing

I’m no expert on British politics, but would I be correct in assuming that this photo tells us a lot about about the utter disaster that is Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour party?

I suppose it’s reassuring that so many Labour MPs want nothing to do with him– that the entire party hasn’t gone [...]

A Corbyn victory would betray Labour’s heritage

The possibility that Jeremy Corbyn– who never misses an opportunity to express “solidarity” with repressive and undemocratic regimes of the Left– could actually end up as the leader of the UK Labour party ought to remind anyone with a sense of history how this would betray the party’s great anti-totalitarian heritage.
Can you imagine Corbyn saying, [...]

Mugged by Labour

So, Ed Miliband’s team have sparked “iMUGration-gate”. Some of Labour’s most high-profile MPs aren’t impressed, and for good reason.
All modern countries have immigration controls and defend their borders. If ever a point was moot, it was this one. It is disappointing then that Labour have stooped to what amounts to obvious dog-whistle politics on this [...]

Yes he can, can’t he?

Good grief. Is Ed Miliband crowd-sourcing his speech writing to people taking the day off from brain-farting hippy platitudes on Comment is Free?
Here’s a sample of his column for The Independent which leaves one with the feeling he doesn’t entirely understand who these Isis chaps are. If he did, he wouldn’t be peddling even softer [...]

Labour’s “EDL Problem”

Imagine the furore if it turned out that a local Conservative Association had selected, as its candidate for the upcoming General Election, a man who had been an active and senior member of the EDL or BNP. Imagine that this man also had a record of saying outrageous things about various matters of public concern; [...]

Will Labour discuss humanitarian intervention?

If I were British, I would almost certainly be a member of the Labour party– not just because I mostly agree with its social and economic policies (although I probably lean slightly to the party’s right) but because of its proud history of standing for genuine democratic socialism and social democracy as opposed to Communism.
I [...]