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Chris Nineham backing a violent antisemite

So now we know that Chris Nineham thinks demonstrating outside the Russian embassy “wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference”.
The “Stop the War Coalition” vice chair and his fellows make very different calculations when it comes to other diplomatic missions in London.
The High Commission for Pakistan, for example.
Here is Nineham speaking outside the Commission in [...]

The Chakrabarti Feint

When in trouble, Shami Chakrabarti resorts to a wounded innocent feint, hoping to make her critics the problem.
You will see her do it in her own Labour antisemitism report for none other than Moazzam Begg, the career terrorist cheerleader.
She was criticised earlier this year for praising Begg at a meeting at the East London Mosque [...]

Jackie and Jew-washing

This is a guest post by Eve Garrard
Jackie Walker, not content with claiming that Jews were the chief financiers  of the slave trade, has also said that antisemitism charges have been “exaggerated for political purposes”, and “the most fundamental aim of such allegations …..  is to undermine Jeremy Corbyn”, and “silence” his supporters. (See Anoosh [...]

Jackie Walker’s latest comments spark outrage

Jackie Walker’s original comments about the slave trade were bad enough.  But it is possible to fall into error, pick up misinformation, and then reflect and rethink – as Naz Shah has done. Jackie Walker, by contrast, seems to want to compound the problem.  To remind readers, she wasn’t simply admitted back into the Labour [...]

Prevent: Andy Burnham’s hysterical claims continue

This is a guest post by Leila Saleem
Andy Burnham has come out with some pretty hysterical claims about Prevent, the Government’s counter-terror strategy. At a time when it has emerged that MI6 will be recruiting around 1000 new spies in light of the grave “lifetime threat” ISIS poses to our national security, this threat [...]

De-select & Purge us: We Deserve It

This is a guest post by Saul Freeman

As moderate Labour MPs, activists and thinkers grapple with the inevitable fallout of Corbyn’s re-election this week – in equal measure appalled at the reality yet also just glad that it’s done after months of waiting for the axe to fall – it strikes me as a voter [...]

Labour’s rally against antisemitism

The Guardian’s Peter Walker offered some interesting insights into Momentum’s own  antisemitism event which took place before the Jewish Labour Movement’s rally. One way of minimising the problem is to set the bar (very) low:

Meanwhile some were expressing their own concerns about antisemitism by handing out leaflets calling for the Jewish Labour movement to be [...]

Cringeworthy Corbynistas

Only Corbynistas could think this video was a good idea. So good it should be posted on the internet to support Mr Corbyn’s Labour leadership campaign.
It backfired and was withdrawn. It’s not hard to see why – watch what happens at the end on this copy, preserved to illustrate the mentality. Antisemitism [...]

John McDonnell – Nasty Party Natural

Labour under Jeremy Corbyn is the new nasty party. In this swamp his sidekick John McDonnell is a natural leader.
Mr McDonnell’s record is known and documented, from support for the IRA to celebrating the financial crisis which wrecked so many lives.
This post presents further scenes which underline just how thoroughly nasty he is. [...]

Venezuela: The left’s giant forgetting

This is a cross-post by Paul Canning

“Malnourished children who faint in class. Children who, in the worst cases, die from hunger, their bodies nothing but skin and bones, the outlines of their ribs visible.
Images like those have become common in Venezuela, where critical food shortages are pushing hundreds of thousands of children under a blanket [...]