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Food For Thoughtlessness

Labour shadow cabinet minister Dawn Butler has accused celebrity chef Jamie Oliver of “cultural appropriation” because he’s marketing a Jamaican-themed recipe meal. “Your jerk Rice is not ok. This appropriation from Jamaica needs to stop,” she ranted on Twitter. She was soon joined by her colleague Clive Lewis who claimed Oliver’s product was a continuation […]

Why you should read the Jewish Chronicle

What, comrade, you don’t know?!? Reeducation for you. Jeremy Corbyn’s long serving personal secretary once urged Labour supporters to read the JC to “show you who not to vote for”. Nicolette Petersen, 61, who has worked for Mr Corbyn since 1994, wrote a how-to-guide to help voters rid Parliament of MPs who support Israel. The […]

Jeremy Corbyn and the 9/11 Conspiracy Theories of a “Very Honoured Citizen”

In one of his bids to escape the antisemitism crisis engulfing the Labour party, last Friday Jeremy Corbyn offered this line in The Guardian: Labour staff have seen examples of Holocaust denial, crude stereotypes of Jewish bankers, conspiracy theories blaming 9/11 on Israel, and even one individual who appeared to believe that Hitler had been […]

Jeremy Corbyn’s Unicorn

So this is Jeremy Corbyn’s new spin: “In the past, in pursuit of justice for the Palestinian people and peace in Israel/Palestine, I have on occasion appeared on platforms with people whose views I completely reject. I apologise for the concerns and anxiety that this has caused.” Where are these rejections, then? Or mere acceptance […]

A few thoughts on Labour’s new guidelines on antisemitism

A great deal of anger has been caused by Labour’s 16 point code of conduct on antisemitism. I agree with some but not all of the criticisms which have been levelled at it, and will go through some of the key concerns which have been raised offering a few reflections on these. The first examples […]

The Weird Israel Hatred World of Claudia Webbe

Claudia Webbe’s elevation to chair of the Labour party’s disputes panel is causing controversy. No wonder: But she stood by her decision to write a letter to the Guardian in defence of the former London Mayor in 2006 after he was suspended from the party for four weeks over his encounter with Mr Finegold. Ms […]

East Finchley Labour’s motion on antisemitism

The motion pasted at the bottom of the post  has been submitted for consideration to the East Finchley Labour Party branch. It asks members not to discuss the problem of antisemitism – or criticisms of the processes set up to deal with it –  outside existing structures. There are several details to pick out here […]


Oh what dreadful news! Ken Livingstone has quit the Labour party, claiming the row over his alleged anti-semitism had become too much of a ‘distraction’. The former Mayor of London’s surprise announcement brings to an end a two-year saga during which he linked Jews to Hitler and Nazism. Jeremy Corbyn reacted to the news by […]

Is Supporting Assassination a Red Line for Labour?

If you support the religiously motivated assassination of a politician, will the Labour party accept you as a member? This may seem an absurd question to ask, especially of the party that lost Jo Cox to a fanatic. Well, consider Mahmood ul Hassan Raja, a Waltham Forest imam. In this clip, he praises Mumtaz Qadri, […]

Well done, MP Mann

The non-Jewish Labour MP John Mann, who told Ken Livingstone what he needed to be told last year, said what needed to be said in the House of Commons on Tuesday. His account of the abuse he and his family have received because of his refusal to stay silent about antisemitism on the Left is […]