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Venezuela: Proof Corbyn’s no ‘Man of Peace’

This is a cross-post by Paul Canning

Picture of Maikol Mendoza by Cristian Hernandez
Maikol Mendoza is a 17 year old Venezuelan who finally got a chance of life with a rare kidney transplant. The rat infested, medicine deprived state of his country’s health care system has now deprived him of that second chance.
Then, Maikol became infected [...]

You poor deluded fools, he’s already won

This is a guest post by Phil Carmel
While science has now conclusively annihilated the myth that lemmings commit mass suicide by jumping off cliffs, the same is sadly not true of Labour moderates.
The rot already set in last year when despite provoking mass Shadow Cabinet resignations and commanding three quarters of the Parliamentary Labour Party, [...]

Andrew “Defeat NATO” Murray

What to do if your election campaign is in trouble? I know! Bring in a man who called for the defeat of NATO!

But let us not forget that the victims of NATO are not in Europe. They are in the Middle East. They are in South Asia. And our common humanity and our [...]

John McDonnell v. The System

Earlier today, John McDonnell assured us that he only wants to “transform the system”, not “bring it down”.

Uh huh.

Jeremy Corbyn Praising Viva Palestina

Here’s another scene from Jeremy Corbyn’s political career. Filmed in March 2010, he sings the praises of Viva Palestina.

Viva Palestina was George Galloway’s Hamas support operation in those years. He could not have made the purpose of the Viva Palestina “aid” convoys more explicit, from the very first one in March 2009. [...]

Another Scene from Corbyn’s Swamp

If you really don’t like antisemitism, there are some people you should challenge. Or, at the very least, avoid.
The former Malaysian leader Mahathir Mohamad is prominent among them. His rank antisemitism has been well-known worldwide since 2003. He remains unrepentant in our times.
The crowds he draws are telling. Like this one:

Corbyn Droning

So the Islamic State leader al-Baghdadi is found by the intelligence agencies. Jeremy Corbyn is prime minister. The officers go to Downing Street to ask him if al-Baghdadi can be taken out in a drone strike.
This is the scenario Andrew Marr presented to Jeremy Corbyn earlier today. Watch Corbyn’s pained wriggling. [...]

Crooked talking, dishonest politics

An “anti-racist” party in action.
Former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone has been suspended from Labour for another year
— Sky News (@SkyNews) 4 April 2017

Will Jeremy Corbyn condemn the shooting of Khalid Masood?

Will Jeremy Corbyn have the courage of his stated convictions and condemn the killing of Khalid Masood by armed police yesterday?
Corbyn has stated on record that he was “not happy” with police or security services operating a “shoot to kill” policy in the event of a terror attack.
In November 2015, Jeremy Corbyn was asked by [...]

Last night: A Corbyn supporter’s response.

This is not – because you were probably wondering – a parody account.

Here’s Corbyn’s own response to the Copeland result

and a rather different perspective from Dan Hodges.