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East Finchley Labour’s motion on antisemitism

The motion pasted at the bottom of the post  has been submitted for consideration to the East Finchley Labour Party branch. It asks members not to discuss the problem of antisemitism – or criticisms of the processes set up to deal with it -  outside existing structures. There are several details to pick out here [...]


Oh what dreadful news!
Ken Livingstone has quit the Labour party, claiming the row over his alleged anti-semitism had become too much of a ‘distraction’.
The former Mayor of London’s surprise announcement brings to an end a two-year saga during which he linked Jews to Hitler and Nazism.
Jeremy Corbyn reacted to the news by saying: “Ken Livingstone’s [...]

Is Supporting Assassination a Red Line for Labour?

If you support the religiously motivated assassination of a politician, will the Labour party accept you as a member?
This may seem an absurd question to ask, especially of the party that lost Jo Cox to a fanatic.
Well, consider Mahmood ul Hassan Raja, a Waltham Forest imam. In this clip, he praises Mumtaz Qadri, the [...]

Well done, MP Mann

The non-Jewish Labour MP John Mann, who told Ken Livingstone what he needed to be told last year, said what needed to be said in the House of Commons on Tuesday. His account of the abuse he and his family have received because of his refusal to stay silent about antisemitism on the Left is [...]

Israeli Labor party suspends ties with Corbyn

A letter from the chair of the Israeli Labor party to Jeremy Corbyn. No doubt a cause for celebration among the Corbynites. They are probably only unhappy that he didn’t cut ties with British Labour entirely.

Here’s the full letter from Avi Gabbay, the Israeli Labour leader, to Corbyn.
“We cannot maintain relations with you…while you fail [...]

I hope you are proud Mr Corbyn

A lot  has been written about the current antisemitism crisis that has engulfed the labour party, in fact, probably too much. And before you ask, yes, I do see the irony in writing this piece. But the thing is, I’m tired. I’m tired of the constant stream of antisemitism stories when I wake up and [...]

Sameh Habeeb and Labour’s Nadir

Here is a description of ugly antisemitic abuse:
On the train going from London to Manchester one day, an English man and a Jew were having a heated debated [sic]. The English guy seemed to be very angry and abhorred the notion of Jewish separatism in Manchester. He literally said that, “You are a Jew not [...]

Anti-Jewish Racism in Bristol West

This is a cross-post by Jonathan Hoffman

We know that some of the Labour MPs who attended the Jewish community’s rally against antisemitism are being bullied and intimidated.  One victim is Thangam Debbonaire, the MP for Bristol West. (Bristol is a nest of anti-Jewish nastiness). Racists in Bristol West Constituency Labour Party are proposing the following motion, [...]

Still A Bit Pregnant

This is a guest post by Paul M
The wellspring of left-antisemitism is the far left’s unhinged and reckless anti-Zionism. This is not a controversial statement. At least, it will be controversial to only two groups: people who defend Corbyn at any cost and people hell-bent on preserving their right to demonise Israel. Unfortunately for Corbyn, [...]

Dogwhistle insinuations attract 2000 ‘likes’ from Corbyn supporters

A disturbingly conspiratorial message posted on the ‘We Support Jeremy Corbyn’ Facebook page has attracted enthusiastic support from many of his fans.
This open letter suggested that powerful forces were at work behind Thursday’s well supported demonstration against antisemitism.

Revealingly, the writer, with apparent complete unawareness of any irony or contradiction, places her faith in JC to [...]