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The shortlisted Labour candidate who shared antisemitic memes

Michelle Harris has been shortlisted to stand as the Labour candidate in Amber Rudd’s (very marginal) seat of Hastings and Rye.  Her previous form with regard to antisemitism was revealed a few days ago by @GnasherJew, an account dedicated to exposing Labour antisemitism.  One particularly egregious moment came in 2014 when she shared a David [...]

Labour MP Andy Slaughter at the Khaybar Hatred March

Labour MP Andy Slaughter is not one to miss a proper Israel hatred session with his Islamist and far left friends.
Sure enough, it appears that he spoke at Friday’s “Hands Off Jerusalem” demonstration in London.

As you know, an ugly crowd at the demonstration turned to chanting “Khaybar” to express their murderous hatred. [...]

How will the Corbynites react?

Although I’m not in the UK, I’ve got the impression from reading posts and comments by others at Harry’s Place that the Labour party has become downright inhospitable for anyone who considers themselves a Zionist or a friend of Israel. I’ve got the idea that the party is now essentially controlled by people who are [...]

MEND, Labour MPs, and “Engagement”

“I understand that some of the allegations against Tommy Robinson are disputed and I look forward to him restating that he is not a bigot when I go to his meeting in Parliament.”
Any MP saying something like this would probably face ridicule.
In real life, ridicule is what Labour MP Wes Streeting deserves. Here he [...]

More on Miko Peled – and Ken Loach

Miko Peled has sought to clarify the remarks he made at a fringe meeting during the Labour Party conference.  In an email to the Guardian reproduced in this article he stated:
“The Holocaust was a terrible crime that we must study and from which we must all learn. I reject the idea that Holocaust deniers, foolish [...]

MEND, Muslim Women, and the Labour Party

How to empower Muslim women? I can think of one good way – challenging views like this one:
I also want to briefly mention something about women in the workplace: I am an absolute extremist in this issue in that I don’t have any time for the opposing arguments. Women should not be in the [...]

Miko Peled on the Holocaust and free speech

The topic of antisemitism has loomed large at this year’s Labour conference in Brighton. One detail from today’s unedifying Free Speech on Israel fringe event stood out for me. The Mirror reports:
Israeli-American author Miko Peled told a conference fringe meeting Labour members should support the freedom to “discuss every issue, whether it’s the holocaust, yes [...]

Labour Leaver on ’scab’ migrant labour

This article by Kenneth Bell, published on the Labour Leave site, opens with a discussion of the (contested) relationship between migrant workers and poor pay and conditions. He quotes Jeremy Corbyn, whose rhetoric veered too far in a Ukip type direction for many, on this topic.
“What there wouldn’t be is the wholesale importation of underpaid [...]

Labour and the PLP – will it be total surrender or a fight back?

This is a cross-post from More Media Nonsense
Jeremy Corbyn is still going around as if he won the election and his popularity seems to be on the way up. What are sensible Labour MPs going to do about it ?
Now although Labour won 30 extra seats it is nowhere near enough to be able to [...]

Corbyn Can’t Defend Us Against His Friends

I’ll keep this brief because this one point is all that needs to be said:
Jeremy Corbyn and his friends – like Ken Livingstone, George Galloway, those who lead the Stop the War Coalition and Socialist Action and Momentum – have been the leading enablers of Islamism in the UK.
They now expect us to believe that [...]