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Archive for 'Kurds'

Photo of the year

Argentinian journalist Alejo Schapire suggests that this photo (of a Syrian women celebrating by throwing off her burka as she flees from Islamic State-controlled territory into Kurdish-controlled territory) is the best of 2015.
Para mí, la foto del año 2015. Una mujer sacándose la burka tras huir de ISIS.
— Alejo Schapire (@aschapire) December 13, 2015

It [...]

Labour MP backs RAF air strikes against IS

As long as it includes MPs like John Woodcock, I’m not prepared to totally write off the Labour party.
He is, of course, offering a direct challenge to party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s “anything we do will only make things worse” doctrine. And rightly so.

US air strikes help Kurds liberate Sinjar from IS

As welcome as the news is that “Jihadi John” has (despite the disapproval of some) apparently suffered death by drone, the bigger and better news is that Kurdish Peshmerga fighters aided by American air strikes have liberated the Iraqi city of Sinjar from the butchers, rapists and enslavers of the Islamic State.
Well done to the [...]

Female Kurdish fighters avenge IS atrocities against Yazidi women

Reportedly a band of three Kurdish women are killing up to 10 Islamic State thugs in Iraq each day in revenge for their barbaric treatment of Yazidi women.

Of course the real question is: Does Jeremy Corbyn approve? Or does he think the Kurdish women should lay down their weapons and engage in a dialogue with [...]

Throwing off the black

If you ever get too discouraged about what is happening in the Middle East, visit the Twitter account of Jack Shahine, a journalist based in the Kurdish-controlled region of Syria.
Syrian women celebrate by throwing off their niqabs as they flee from Islamic State-controlled territory into Kurdish-controlled territory:
All credit & appreciation for these incredible photos go [...]

Most encouraging headline I’ve seen in awhile

From The Washington Post:

The deciding factor in this election was the emergence of the People’s Democratic Party, or HDP, which came in fourth with 12 percent of the vote. For a political party to enter Turkey’s parliament, it has to pass a threshold of 10 percent of the total vote. The HDP did so and [...]

RIP Konstandions Erik Sculfield: anti-fascist hero

Cross-posted from Shiraz Socialist
Make no mistake: ex-Royal Marine, Konstandinos Erik Scurfield, who was killed on Monday, fighting with the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Syria, was an anti-fascist hero.
His comrade, ex-US soldier Jordan Matson, also a YPG volunteer, wrote on Facebook:
Kosta as we call him was from the United Kingdom and was born a [...]

Arm the Kurds

Bernard-Henri Lévy writes from Iraqi Kurdistan:
The line that “our fight is your fight; in defending our country we’re also defending yours” — is it not a classic refrain of all the wars of resistance and liberation that I have covered for 40 years?
Except here there’s a difference, or rather two differences.
First, it is truer than [...]

Kurdish victory dance

Kurdish fighters, both male and female, celebrate their victory over the Islamic State in Kobane.

I’ve arbitrarily decided that the Kurds are the coolest people in the world.

Left celebrates Kurds’ victory over IS in Kobane. Doesn’t it?

When a democratic and leftist militia of women and men, committed to egalitarianism and feminism, defeats a a bunch of savage medieval creeps committed to totalitarianism, imperialism, gruesome slaughter of perceived enemies, oppression of women and sexual slavery, you’d think it would be a cause for celebration on the Left.
That is in fact what [...]