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Egypt’s Islamist leaders accused of controlling media

The New York Times reports on several moves by government authorities in Egypt against journalists critical of the ruling Muslim Brotherhood. No surprise then that the Brotherhood has taken notes from Hosni Mubarak’s playbook in suppressing those critical of the regime.
Two cases are worrying observers. One involves the suspension of a satellite television channel that features a programme [...]

Animus and Inversion: the Guardian turns the world upside down again

This is a guest post by Alan Johnson
On April 3 2011 Juliano Mer Khamis, the half-Jewish, half-Palestinian Israeli director of Jenin’s Freedom Theatre was assassinated by masked gunmen who shot him five times in the head. In today’s Guardian the playwright Howard Brenton leaves his readers with the impression that Israel may have done the [...]

Robert Fisk Makes Things Up

So, finally, Private Eye has published the stories that everybody has heard, but nobody has put in print.
Robert Fisk is widely thought to be a fantasist of Johann Hari-esque proportions.
Hugh Pope, a former Independent colleague of Fisk’s, recently published a memoir of his three decades of reporting in the Middle East, Dining with al Qaeda. [...]