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Archive for 'Jabobite Jihadis'

Dear Sir/Madam, Please Find Attached a Copy of My CV

Osama Saeed appears to have departed from al Jazeera. Where is he now?
On a potentially unrelated subject.
Warming up with a cup of tea after a good afternoon campaigning in Glasgow Southside. #BothVotesSNP
— Nicola Sturgeon (@NicolaSturgeon) March 6, 2016

Donald Where’s Your Bomb Belt?

From the hot-bed of Islamophobia and routine discrimination which is Inverness comes reports of an unnamed Muslim man a grenade pin breadth away from joining ISIS. Speaking to the Press and Journal, Habib Malik said:
“This is deeply worrying. Previously we had Rakib*, which was a huge shock. I don’t know the circumstances of [...]