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Archive for 'Israel/Palestine'

Jonathan Freedland’s Utilitarian Problem

Writing in The Guardian, Jonathan Freedland has argued that not only is the Israeli government’s action in Gaza wrong, it is “utterly self-defeating”:
More Israelis have died in the operation to tackle the Hamas threat than have died from the Hamas threat, at least over the past five years. Put another way, to address the risk [...]

Jeffrey Goldberg on giving Palestinians hope and Kerry’s mistake

All of the points that Jeffrey Goldberg makes here (about the advantage to Hamas of being a non-state actor, about Hamas baiting Israel into killing Gazan civilians, about the connection between antisemitism and opposition to Israel) are good ones. But I think this one is worthy of note:
Israel’s political leadership has done little in recent [...]

And sadly…

Brutal ugliness among Israelis emerges again.
No excuses, no calling it “understandable.” There are none, and it isn’t.

The Moral Malaise

This is a guest post by Paul M

Here’s a curious fact:
The Geneva Conventions and customary international law allow soldiers to kill babies. Also old women & men, invalids, housewives and business executives. How can this be? Did the almost 200 countries ratifying the conventions just overlook this detail? Was the International Committee of the Red [...]

Bradford Imam criticises David Ward’s response to Gaza

It might have been predicted that David Ward would use the conflict in Israel and Gaza as a prompt to come out with yet more offensive comments:
On Tuesday evening David Ward tweeted: “The big question is – if I lived in #Gaza would I fire a rocket? – probably yes.” He sent another tweet two [...]

The Moral Maze: Israel and Gaza

Last night’s Moral Maze featured regular panellists Matthew Taylor, Melanie Phillips and Giles Fraser, and a newcomer to the programme, Jill Kirby. The witnesses were Colonel Richard Kemp, Mehdi Hasan, Dr Hugo Slim and Ted Honderich.
The first witness, Mehdi Hasan, asserted that the blockade was the root cause of the conflict, and offered the familiar [...]

WAC-MAAN vs. Sodastream: Who’s in the right?

Back during the Scarlett Johansson/Oxfam controversy, I was rather impressed by Daniel Birnbaum’s defence of Sodastream an ethical employer, a view which seemed to be confirmed by many of the firm’s Palestinian workers who opposed calls to boycott the company. But, on the face of it, Sodastream’s mass sacking of 60 Palestinian workers seems very [...]

Demonstration against Israel in London

Today marches were held in cities throughout the world condemning Israeli actions in Gaza.  As Dave Rich pointed out in a recent post on Left Foot Forward, people can be selective in their outrage.
And clearly many of those demonstrating had agendas which went far beyond wanting to save innocent lives in Gaza.  Some posters asserted [...]

Viewpoint: from Children of Peace

This is a cross-post from Children of Peace by Richard Martin
This piece has been updated since it was first posted on the CoP website, in response to the most recent developments.
In just the last few weeks Israeli and Palestinian children and young people have been paying the ultimate price for a conflict not of their [...]

What now, Stoppers?

To bring you up to date:
Over the objections of Avigdor Lieberman and Naftali Bennett, Israel’s security cabinet approved an Egyptian ceasefire proposal to end the current phase of the war with Hamas in Gaza.
Even though Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas welcomed the Egyptian proposal, Hamas rejected it.
Senior Hamas official Sami Abu Zuhri said [...]