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A higher price?

It’s possible that President Trump was a tad distracted by new developments on Tuesday, which caused him to ramble even more wildly and incoherently than usual. But when he addressed a campaign rally in West Virginia, he touched on his decision to move the American embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. “You know […]

Zionists on Campus “a declaration of war against Arabs, Muslims, Palestinians”

Across the Atlantic in California: California State University Chancellor Timothy White said this week he would “explore all appropriate options” in response to a San Francisco State University professor who on Facebook described welcoming Zionists to her campus as “a declaration of war against Arabs, Muslims [and] Palestinians.” In a March 26 email, White criticized […]

Ahed Tamimi and Ben Caspit

In a much discussed recent incident in a West Bank village, young female Palestinian activists (including Ahed Tamimi) apparently tried to provoke two Israeli soldiers into a violent reprisal which would show the IDF in a bad light. Video footage shows the soldiers patiently fending off blows from the girls, but carefully avoiding any more […]

Running for Children of Peace

Do consider supporting the Children of Peace team on their 10k run today.  Tori, Helen, Claire and Cathy will be running through central London in order to raise money for projects that bring Israeli and Palestinian children together so that they can build friendships, understanding and a shared, peaceful future in the region. You can […]

Rasmea Odeh at Jewish Voice for Peace Conference

Jewish Voice for Peace had their annual conference this weekend, earning more press than normal due to the inclusion of Rasmea Odeh. She’s a convicted terrorist preparing to be deported for entering the United States illegally, but Rasmea Yousef Odeh has seen her status as a leftist celebrity remain intact. The Palestinian and feminist activist […]

Trump meets Netanyahu, says interesting things

As the his administration sinks further into confusion and scandal of its own making (or is it all going according to plan?), President Trump met with Bibi Netanyahu at the White House and held a joint press conference at which the president answered a question about antisemitism in the US by talking about his Electoral […]

Is Trump “betraying” Israel too?

It may be couched in the gentlest possible terms, but the Trump administration’s statement that new or expanded settlements in the West Bank “may not be helpful” in achieving peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians is really no different from what the Obama administration and other administrations before that were saying in somewhat stronger […]

David Brinn on Mustafa Barghouti

Discussion of Resolution 2334 has been extremely – often unedifyingly – heated.  Both here on HP and elsewhere some of the sharpest clashes have been between different shades of Zionist.  Perhaps there will be less disagreement over Mustafa Barghouti’s response to Kerry’s recent speech. The Jerusalem Post’s David Brinn sums up pithily:

The Incitement Must End

This is a guest post by Stephen Hoffman On Sunday October 9 2016, after a busy day with family I sat down to catch up with the events of the day across the world. I’ve always been interested in the world around me and given my job I feel it’s my duty to be as […]

Palestinian Authority incentivizes murder

The leftwing Israeli Noga Tarnopolsky tweets: The Palestinian Authority pays murderers. Its something the left has to confront. By @EliLake. — Noga Tarnopolsky (@NTarnopolsky) July 2, 2016 Not just “the left” but anyone who hopes for a peaceful future between Palestinians and Israelis. All the more remarkable, then, that Palestinian passersby (with no incentive) […]