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Archive for 'Israel/Palestine'

The Good Guy – On Peter Tatchell and BDS

This is a guest post by Saul Freeman
Peter Tatchell is perhaps one of the UK Left’s more recognisable characters. A long career as a social and political activist highlighting and challenging repression and human rights abuses has rightly won Peter Tatchell a place in the hearts of many on the Left. I doubt that anyone [...]

Bridges vs boycotts: Rowling and Oudeh

A letter, expressing opposition to Israel boycotts, recently appeared in the Guardian.
Cultural boycotts singling out Israel are divisive and discriminatory, and will not further peace. Open dialogue and interaction promote greater understanding and mutual acceptance, and it is through such understanding and acceptance that movement can be made towards a resolution of the conflict.
Ultimately we [...]

Please help me, I don’t want to die

This is a cross-post from The Times of Israel

Hello. My name is John Calvin, and I need your help. We’ve never met, and we probably never will, but please don’t stop reading.
I’m going to tell you a little about myself. But first I want to be totally up front with you and, before we go [...]

How UK taxpayers’ money is funding Palestinian terrorists

This is a guest post by Stephen Hoffman
Let me make this clear at the outset, I have no doubt whatsoever that many Palestinians suffer greatly and live in poverty. I’m even prepared to admit although a lot of this is due to Hamas turning Gaza into a terrorist training camp and Fatah running the West [...]


I’m quite surprised, I expect Cage would be quite surprised also.
After years and years of seeing apologies for terrorism on television and reading them in op-eds it turns out that the vast majority of people see through Jihadi propaganda in about 5 seconds flat. For all of the Facebook likes and shares very few people [...]

Israeli deaths glorified at LSE on Holocaust Memorial Day.

This is a cross-post by Richard Millett
Yesterday was the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau but last night at the London School of Economics at a joint Palestine Society and Feminist Society event Israelis were portrayed as rapists and those who killed Israelis were applauded.
In front of a banner that read “Towards Freedom and Independence the [...]

Hamas blocks visit to Israel by Gaza children

For all the atrocities and needless death and suffering caused by Hamas, this strikes me as one of the most unforgivable things they have done.
Hamas authorities in the Gaza Strip prevented on Sunday a group of Palestinian children who lost parents in the July-August war with Israel from making a rare goodwill visit to the [...]

Mehdi Hasan on Palestinian Christians

Mehdi Hasan’s latest article for the Huffington Post is a frustrating read. It is partly concerned with Christian emigration from Israel/Palestine – just why have so many chosen to leave the region?  When I tried to find the answer to the same question a while back I reached at least some of the same conclusions [...]

PFLP claims “credit” for Jerusalem synagogue attack

The BBC reports that the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, the military wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, says it carried out the brutal attack at a Jerusalem synagogue this morning that killed four Israelis and wounded eight others.
The PFLP is a Marxist-Leninist organization that some on the anti-Zionist Western Left, who [...]

Israeli film disrupted in France

Anti-Israel protesters disrupted the screening of a film at an Israeli film festival in Carpentras, France, last week.
Just as [director Hilla] Medalia and Israeli Consul General in Marseille Barnea Hassid finished making introductory remarks, some twenty audience members stood up and began shouting anti-Israel slogans. Then they threw stink bombs.
The screening of the film was [...]