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As Warsi resigns over Gaza, Tories’ vexed history on Israel comes back to haunt them

This is a cross-post from The Conversation by  James Vaughan, Aberystwyth University
As Israel’s Operation Protective Edge began to draw more vocal international criticism, the supposedly staunchly pro-Israel Conservative party saw the beginnings of a revolt: a number of David Cameron’s backbench MPs and former Tory ministers came out demanding a stronger response to Israel’s actions [...]

Hungarian mayor presides over “hanging” of Netanyahu and Peres

The Jobbik-affiliated mayor of the eastern Hungarian town of Érpatak (population 1,855), Mihály Zoltán Orosz, has presided over the hanging in effigy of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and former President Shimon Peres.
You can watch the grotesque ceremony here:

Note the replacement of the Star of David on the Israeli flag with the Freemason symbol, reminding [...]

John “I’m with Assad” Wight on Israeli “barbarity”

In a “Letter to an Israeli Soldier” published at RT and Socialist Unity, John Wight presumes to lecture the IDF about their supposed “barbarity” and asks:
[W]hen will your thirst for Palestinian blood be sated?
Jews thirsting for Gentile blood? That sounds vaguely familiar.
This, recall, is the same John Wight who proudly stands with the Syrian dictator [...]

Hamas, Qatar and the West: the anomalies

Here’s the situation.
On the one hand, as reports:
In 2012, then Qatari Emir Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani became the first head of state to visit Gaza since Hamas seized power there in a bloody 2007 battle with Fatah. Al Thani, who was driven around Gaza by the Hamas prime minister Ismail Haniyeh, pledged some [...]

Israel: no ceasefire that leave attack tunnels intact

I suppose John Kerry is doing what he considers his job in pressing for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. But Israel at this point is right to reject any extended halt in hostilities that leaves even one of the attack tunnels from Gaza into Israeli territory intact. It’s a matter of the most [...]

Did Operation Birthright kill Max Steinberg?

I find it difficult to put into words how angry this article by Allison Benedikt in Slate– blaming Operation Birthright (which provides free visits to Israel for young American Jews) for the death of American oleh and IDF soldier Max Steinberg– made me feel.
She writes:
What makes an American kid with shaky Hebrew and no ties [...]

Why Israel fights

If anyone needs help understanding what Israel’s current ground offensive in northern Gaza is primarily about, watch this video. It’s not as if Hamas is trying to conceal its aims:

Note especially at 2:30 that the entrance to a tunnel is inside a building.
Update: The commander of the IDF’s elite Golani Brigade, Col. Rassan Alian, happens [...]

Solidarity from the Islamic world

I hope Israelis can find some encouragement in these photos, posted as part of an “I Stand with Israel” Facebook campaign.

And if you can’t believe Hamas…

July 11, 2014: Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum assures Arabs living in Israel:
“We say to [Israeli Arabs], living in Haifa, Jaffa, Acre, Lod, Ramla, and the Negev: The rockets fired by the Al-Qassam Brigades will not hit you. We know those parts. We are familiar with the geography and with the history. Not a single Arab [...]

Israel begins ground operation in Gaza

Two days after Israel accepted an Egyptian-proposed ceasefire, and Hamas rejected it, IDF forces have begun a ground operation in Gaza with the stated aim of destroying the tunnels that Hamas has dug from Gaza to Israel.
Early on Thursday the IDF thwarted an attack by terrorists attempting to infiltrate Israel via a tunnel. Clearly they [...]