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Archive for 'Israel'

An Israel-themed trio

First, a report of what sounds like a gruesome experience for David Collier in Cork – he’s attending the conference on Israel and international law.  Here’s an excerpt.
I have little doubt now that the Falk/Tilley report was timed to coincide with this Cork conference. Almost every speaker at Cork referenced it, and each in turn described [...]

Interview with Colin Shindler

Karl Pfeifer interviewed Colin Shindler, Emeritus Professor at SOAS University of London and author of Israel and the European Left
In November, we will mark the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration. Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour opposition, said that this declaration was a mistake. How will he react this time?

It was in 2013 [...]

America First, Israel Second

From the Israeli satirical TV news show “Gav Ha’Umah.”

Al Jazeera ‘Lobby’: Voyeurism For Antisemites

This is a guest post by Jonathan Hoffman
Of course the Al Jazeera series ‘The Lobby’ found nothing untoward in Israel activism in the UK. These programmes never do.  Andrew Billen in The Times on Thursday put it well:
“For the life of me I could not see what Israel was doing wrong here. The [...]

The Israeli occupation, Emily Hilton and the eternal privilege of the spotless mind

This is a cross-post by Adam Levick
In the minds of most editors, journalists and contributors at The Independent, the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is a straight-forward story of the weak against the powerful, the privleged against the unprivileged, the oppressed and their oppressors.
The fundamental ‘progressive’ principle to which they seem wedded as professional purveyors of news and opinion – [...]

Shimon Peres z”l

Shimon Peres, who made aliyah with his family to pre-state Palestine in 1934 and whose life in many ways embodied the history of modern Israel, has died at the age of 93.
After the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin in 1995, Peres became acting prime minister of Israel. The following year, in the one and only Israeli [...]

Israeli Apartheid watch

Mazal Tov! Mabrook! // Journalist Furat Nassar becomes first Arab Israeli to anchor Israel's most-watched newscast.
— Avi Mayer (@AviMayer) August 7, 2016

Why I believe in Israel

This is a guest post by Stephen Hoffman
I fell in love with Israel at a young age. I remember walking around Netanya and marvelling at a place which, as a Jewish person, you could feel was a second home. I loved the cleanliness of the beaches and although my young brain probably didn’t realise this, [...]


A good report by The Guardian’s Jerusalem correspondent Kate Shuttleworth about cooperation between Jews and Arabs in Israeli hospitals, schools, tourism and the technology sector.
Fortunately, perhaps, the comments are not open for this piece, or we would be subjected to complaints about how Shuttleworth was using these examples of mutual decency and respect to gloss [...]

Review: Undeclared Wars with Israel

Guest post by Karl Pfeifer
What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun.
There is a thing of which [someone] will say, “See this, it is new.” It has already been for ages, which were before us.
[Nevertheless] there is no [...]