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Wingnut alert

President Obama is about to nominate Stanley Fischer– a dual US-Israeli citizen who was governor of the Bank of Israel from 2005 to 2013– as vice chair of the Federal Reserve to replace Janet Yellen, who was nominated as the Fed’s new chair.
You don’t think the antisemites and conspiracy nuts have had anything to say [...]

Israel’s Histadrut wins big victories as unions elsewhere struggle to grow

Cross-posted from Eric Lee
This article appears in German in Jungle World with the headline “Per SMS zum Arbeitskampf”.
In early November, Ofer Eini announced the end of his 8-year stint as the head of Israel’s national trade union center, the Histadrut.
The end of the “Eini era” is a good moment to reflect upon some of the [...]

The elephant in the context

This is a guest post by Eve Garrard
We all know about the importance of context in understanding and judging the actions of others.  If the person who stole a loaf of bread was starving, and trying to feed her starving child, we judge the theft differently from the way we judge an equivalent theft carried [...]

21st Century Munich

This is a cross-post by Marc Goldberg
There have been many comparisons between the interim deal just signed between Iran and the West, designed to curb Iranian nuclear ambitions, and the Munich Agreementbetween Hitler, Chamberlain and the other regional powers of the time. In this scenario Obama plays the role of Chamberlain and Israel the role of [...]

Not a bad deal

This is a cross-post by Marc Goldberg
An observer could be forgiven for thinking that the Iranians had actually just fired a nuclear missile at Israel rather than agreeing not to build one.
Since before his election Benjamin Netanyahu has been preaching about the danger to Israel and the Western world a nuclear Iran represents. He hasn’t [...]

Israeli Labor party chooses another leader

I was pleased a couple of years ago when members of the Israeli Labor party selected Shelly Yachimovich as their new leader.
I’ve long believed one of the weaknesses of the Israeli Left is that it has focused on issues of peace and security at the expense of the country’s huge and growing socioeconomic disparities. And [...]

Great moments in Stalinism

A reminder that using “anti-Zionism” as a cover for antisemitism, and identifying Israel as an agent of western “imperialism,” have a long and not-so-noble history.
On November 20, 1952, the trial of Rudolf Slansky, former general secretary of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, and 13 colleagues got under way in Prague. The Moscow-directed purge of the [...]

When Israeli Diplomacy Died

This is a cross-post by Marc Goldberg
In November 1948 almost exactly 65 years ago the head of the Ministry of Foreign affairs for the provisional government of Israel sent the following letter to the United Nations requesting membership for his tiny, new born country;
“Mr. Trygve Lie,
Secretary-General of the United Nations
On May 14, 1948, the independence [...]

IDF helps Syrian woman deliver baby at Israeli hospital

Based on events of the not-so-distant past, Israeli soldiers have reason to be extremely wary when approached at the borders by people claiming to have medical difficulties.
But soldiers made the compassionate decision to help a Syrian woman across the border so she could give birth at an Israeli hospital.
“There are no midwives in the village [...]

A very Jewish massacre

This is a cross-post by Marc Goldberg
It started off this morning with a tweet:
RT @Elizrael Today is the 57th anniversary of the Kafr Qassim massacre carried out by Israeli border-policemen
Even I rolled my eyes at this one. Of all the massacres and evil perpetrated against Israel I was loath to to hear, talk [...]