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    A Tale of Two Suspensions

    Rod Liddle writes in The Spectator that he has been suspended from Labour and will be investigated by the Chakrabati commission on Antisemitism and Islamophobia. I have from time to time read Liddle pieces and reached the conclusion that he was engaged in Muslim-baiting, in an unpleasant way. None immediately spring to mind, but I do remember having that feeling. It is for that reason that I do not circulate his pieces. He is a ‘shock jock’ akin to somebody like Frankie Boyle, and in doing that, he regularly and deliberately crosses lines. Perhaps I am being unfair, but that’s my impression. Here is an extract from the piece in…

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    If Tatchell goes, can Lowles be far behind?

    This site has had its criticisms of Nick Lowles of Hope not Hate, for being soft on jihadism and for not seeing it as the prime fascism of our time. Others hold a different opinion eg the NUS which have just, it is alleged, no platformed Lowles for “Islamophobia”. Allegations have come to light that Nick Lowles, director of HOPE Not Hate, has, according to a post on his Facebook page, been “no-platformed” by the NUS Black Students’ Campaign due to their belief that he holds “Islamophobic” views. Hope not Hate, founded in 2004 after the BNP started to win substantial votes and local councillors, seeks to “challenge and defeat…

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    Peter Oborne and the Daily Telegraph

    Peter Oborne has resigned from his post of chief political commentator at the Daily Telegraph.  Reasons given:- that out of deference to its advertisers the Telegraph did not cover the HSBC tax evasion scandal and also because the old conservative (small and big “C”) newspaper has been losing its direction and its traditional readership. I had some sympathy with him because Private Eye has been reporting passim the way the Daily Telegraph has been dumbing down for the new digital age.  I’m happy to harrumph along with Peter Oborne that the editor has now been replaced by three “Heads of Content” and that they have lost touch with their conservative…

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    It’s like watching a Harry’s Place thread on TV

    On Bill Maher’s HBO show, (from left) New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele, actor/director Ben Affleck, Maher and neuroscientist/author Sam Harris discuss Islam, Islamic extremism, anti-Muslim bigotry, Islamophobia, etc. It all sounds vaguely familiar, doesn’t it? Affleck may be an excellent actor/director, but he comes across as a rather ill-informed jerk. (Maher comes across as a somewhat better-informed jerk.) I especially liked what Kristof had to say, and I wish he had been allowed more time to say it.

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    Constructing Campus Conflict

    This long report, produced by Political Research Associates, tackles both antisemitism and Islamophobia* on US campuses.  The first half analyses both phenomena in detail, while the second provides a series of case studies of several campuses, as well as of key players in these debates such as ADL, CAIR, Daniel Pipes and Norman Finkelstein. Discussions of US foreign policy and events in the Middle East often trigger manifestations (or accusations) of both types of bigotry, leading to an unhelpfully polarized situation (p. 9).  The authors acknowledge (p. 4) that their report offers a fractured and contradictory picture, reflecting collisions between conflicting viewpoints. This they describe as a ‘Rashomon effect’, a…

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    Islamophobe of the Year Awards revived

    In 2006, the amusingly-named Islamic Human Rights Commission of the UK held an Islamophobe of the Year competition, for which Harry’s Place was nominated by one of our readers. I never found out if we won, but the competition was pretty tough. Now, after several years of neglect, the Khomeinist IHRC– which sponsors the Khomeini-inspired anti-Israel al-Quds Day event in London— has reactivated the awards. So far we are not on the list of this year’s nominees, which includes some genuine anti-Muslim bigots along with such remarkable choices as Barack Obama, Maajid Nawaz, Theresa May and Francois Hollande (“for the invasion of Mali”). The inclusion of Hollande is especially noteworthy,…

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    Hype, Hyperrreality, Hyperbole

    It seems we now live in a society where Tommy Robinson is regarded as the Messiah., according to Dr Chris Allen:- Hyperreality is a term that has been used to characterise our inability to distinguish reality from fantasy. Those such as Jean Baudrillard have defined hyperreality as being a means of viewing ‘reality by proxy’, one where the viewer of ‘reality tv’ for instance – or ‘When Tommy Met Mo’ – begins to believe and live in a constructed, non-existent world despite that same constructed world failing to offer any accurate or realistic depiction of life or living. In hyperreality, reality is non-existent; replaced by something that purports to be…

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    It was all so unimaginably different/ And all so long ago: Tom Holland’s In The Shadow of the Sword

    I loved Rubicon and Persian Fire (though I have so far neglected to read Millennium) but think In the Shadow of the Sword is possibly better still.  It’s written with panache, it’s full of pungent detail, and it succeeds in bringing some complex and perhaps comparatively unfamiliar historical events to life. Although it’s got narrative drive in spades, it’s not just telling a story either – there are plenty of ideas in play here, some more clearly displayed on the surface than others perhaps. Holland’s decision to take Muhammad and the rise of the Islam as his subject has attracted a good deal of attention.  The first review I read,…

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    Anti-Muslim Bigotry vs. Islamophobia

    [Warning – there’s a Jesus and Mo cartoon at the end of this post] In the comments to this post, Max G suggested that I write something about Islamophobia in the Daily Star – this arose out of a conversation about the fact I’d signed this petition, and a discussion about whether Islamophobia was a legitimate term or whether it was just something invoked to silence debate.  (Anti-Muslim bigotry was, I think, allowed by all to be an acceptable expression.) To start, as requested, with the Daily Star (though it’s not the only culprit).  Here are a few examples of tendentious reporting: a fabricated story about ‘Muslim toilets’, a headline…