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Archive for 'Islamism'

Labour MEP Afzal Khan, Jamaat-e-Islami and Responsibility

Here’s Labour MEP Afzal Khan comparing the Israeli government to Nazis in 2014:

This stupid, base and hurtful slur has earned Mr Afzal nothing more than a mild rebuke from the Labour party rather than suspension. He has simply been “reminded of his responsibilities as a Labour representative”. Mr Khan himself has refused to [...]

Extremism on campus: Islamist narratives are going unchallenged

This is a cross-post by Layo
In the “deepest circle of hell”, ISIS have entered. Last month ISIS seized the refugee camp of Yarmouk outside of Damascus. Public executions, shootings and beheadings have followed. 5,000 people have tried to flee their homes since ISIS stormed the camp, but have no place to go. There are fears [...]

Sadiq Khan calls moderate Muslims “Uncle Toms”

Well, here it is, on video, in context, so there’s really no weaselling out of it.
Sadiq Khan calls moderate Muslims “Uncle Toms”, in an interview – tellingly – on Press TV, the propaganda channel of the Islamic Republic of Iran. He is attempting to explain why as (then) Labour’s Minister for Community Cohesion he took [...]

NOMS Muslim Advisor Ahtsham Ali faces the sack for hiring anti-Western Imams

This is a guest post by a former Muslim prison chaplain
We’ve previously written about the controversial NOMS Muslim Advisor Ahtsham Ali and his links to Islamist extremism, and exposed his policy of recruiting hard-line anti-Western Imams for prisons.  Today the following article appeared in The Sunday Times:
A government adviser on Islam faces having to leave [...]

Maajid Nawaz and Ayaan Hirsi Ali at the JW3

Maajid Nawaz and Ayaan Hirsi Ali first debated the motion “This House Believes Islam Is A Religion Of Peace” in 2010 for an Intelligence Squared event. They revisited the topic in 2013. Last night’s discussion – organized by the Alan Howard Foundation and staged at North London’s JW3 Jewish Community Center – was their third [...]

If Tatchell goes, can Lowles be far behind?

This site has had its criticisms of Nick Lowles of Hope not Hate, for being soft on jihadism and for not seeing it as the prime fascism of our time.
Others hold a different opinion eg the NUS which have just, it is alleged, no platformed Lowles for “Islamophobia”.
Allegations have come to light that Nick Lowles, [...]

The Valentine’s Victory and Murtaza Khan

Maybe Valentine’s Day makes you grumpy or even sad. Fair enough.
Well, if it does, here’s a reason to cheer up. The day drives Islamist extremists completely nuts. Its popularity is such a nice little victory for our free society over their life-hating misery.
Here’s a case in point. Nasty in Bradford? [...]

NOMS Muslim Advisor Ahtsham Ali responsible for recruiting anti-western Imams for British prisons

This is a guest post by a former Muslim prison chaplain

On 29th November 2015, we published an article about the NOMS Muslim Advisor Ahtsham Ali and highlighted concerns about his background, including: his links to Islamist extremist groups, the fact that he continues to speak on Islamist platforms and his preference for recruiting Imams who [...]

MP writes to SOAS over extreme speaker events

This is a cross-post from Student Rights
Last week, it was reported that ‘Helping Households under Great Stress’ (HHUGS) had campaigned at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) during an event calling for the release of convicted terrorists.
Journalists were given a card claiming Islamist terrorist Adel Abdel Bary was detained without charge, despite Bary’s 2014 conviction for his involvement in the 1998 [...]

Knowing the dancer from the dance – and a Maryam Namazie/Goldsmiths update

I can’t remember ever seeing anyone explain that they hate fascism but have nothing against individual fascists.  However it’s a fairly common distinction made by people talking about Islam – they are keen to distinguish the ideology from the followers.   How far is this truly possible or logical?
To me the answer depends on what one [...]