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Archive for 'Islamism'

Notes on Manchester attacks

This is a cross-post from Rambling Infidel
Here is an extract from Rambling Infidel’s post – do read the full piece here.
My emotions are surging full of rage at the evil committed by the depraved savages responsible for this heartless murder of innocents. This wasn’t an attack on the powerful. It was not aimed at Presidents [...]

Alyas Karmani on Islamic State and Zionism

Many Salafi Muslims like to claim that their way is one of the best bulwarks against violent extremism.
Usually the pitch is bakwas, to be multicultural about it.
They may well oppose Islamic State, but the way they go about it only makes things worse.
Alyas Karmani provides a lesson from this field in the clip below. [...]

Extremism in the news: Maajid vs Tommy

Today the Times reports that the charity commission has asked Islamic Relief to explain why it is hosting Yasir Qadhi’s fundraising tour of Britain:
Yasir Qadhi, a Saudi-educated American academic, has been recorded apparently telling students that killing homosexuals and stoning adulterers was part of their religion. Dr Qadhi, who features in an eight-city tour starting [...]

Jonathan Brown on sex slavery

So who is Jonathan Brown?
Jonathan Brown is the Alwaleed bin Talal Chair of Islamic Civilization in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, and he is the Director of the Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim Christian Understanding.
Brown has recently hit the headlines for defending the practices of slavery and concubinage in a lecture. [...]

Stephen Timms at MEND organised event

In case you need a reminder, MEND is the rebranded iENGAGE.  In a recent statement by the Board of Deputies, grave concerns were expressed about bizarre and divisive comments made by MEND’s CEO Sufiyan Ismail:
We remain greatly disturbed by statements attributed to MEND such as one by its CEO Sufiyan Ismail, in which he claimed [...]

Middle East Monitor plumbs new depths

This is a guest post by John Bevan.
Regular HP readers will need little reminder of the toxic nature of the Middle East Monitor site (“MEMO”), whose strapline is “Creating New Perspectives” and which claims to provide “carefully reasoned commentaries rooted in factual evidence”. In 2011, MEMO came to the defence of Palestinian hate preacher Raed Salah. More recently, it [...]

Prevent: Andy Burnham’s hysterical claims continue

This is a guest post by Leila Saleem
Andy Burnham has come out with some pretty hysterical claims about Prevent, the Government’s counter-terror strategy. At a time when it has emerged that MI6 will be recruiting around 1000 new spies in light of the grave “lifetime threat” ISIS poses to our national security, this threat [...]

Moazzam Begg and the Guardian’s Film Critic

On Thursday, The Guardian’s film critic Mike McCahill published a two paragraph, seven sentence review of The Confession, a new documentary about the life of one Moazzam Begg. And his review went like this:
The Confession review – profound Guantánamo Bay documentary ****/5
Moazzam Begg is interviewed about his incarceration in Cuba in a documentary of [...]

Who is Dr Salman Butt?

This is a guest post by Amjad Khan
Recent reports suggest a man by the name of Dr Salman Butt is to launch a legal challenge against the British government and their Prevent policy after he was labelled an ‘extremist’ and ‘hate preacher’ in a Downing Street press release.  According to a news story on the [...]

Why Not Both?

Although potentially a good writer/commentator, Owen Jones strikes me as wanting to believe in the white/black hat theories of political power rather than actually believing that tosh.
Plainly he was shaken by the act of soul-destroying evil which unfolded at Orlando. Like the victims of the Bataclan, those here are disproportionately young. Whilst they [...]