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Mr. Salmond Goes to Tehran


Russian missiles miss Syria, hit Iran

The Washington Post reports:
Several cruise missiles fired from Russian ships at targets in Syria Wednesday crashed in Iran, according to Pentagon officials.
Twenty-six cruise missiles, launched from the Caspian Sea, traveled more than 900 miles over Iran and Iraq before hitting targets throughout Syria, according to a statement by the Russian Defense Ministry.
However, according to a [...]

Iran’s Partnership with al-Qaeda and Unanswered Questions

This is a cross-post by Kyle Orton
The Islamic Republic of Iran released five senior al-Qaeda terrorists in March, ostensibly as part of a prisoner exchange for an Iranian diplomat kidnapped in Yemen by al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). But the murky circumstances in which al-Qaeda’s leaders were “held” in Iran and other inconsistencies cast [...]

Iranian and Israeli athletes bond at Special Olympics

If being mentally challenged means that you are capable of befriending people whom you’re supposed to hate, then there are a lot worse things than being mentally challenged.
In previous sporting events, Iranian athletes have been ordered to withdraw from competition if their opponent was meant to be an Israeli. But at the Special Olympics [in [...]

The Iranian nuclear deal: another perspective

Guest post by Tori Egherman
Tori Egherman, an American, and her husband Kamran Ashtary, an Iranian, lived and blogged in Tehran from 2003 to 2007.
Heavy Water
A few months before I left to live in Iran, the news broke of a heavy water plant near the capital of Iran’s Central province, Arak. CNN broadcast maps of the [...]

A very bad deal

This is a cross-post by James Snell
Do you know the old stories told about Vienna in the summertime? Imperial capital to a polyglot dual monarchy, the city served as a meeting place of societies, languages and nation-states. A cultural epicentre, Vienna saw streams of the most elegant, artistic, intellectual people populate its grand palaces and [...]

Glenn Greenwald needs to stop being a cheerleader

This is a cross-post by John Sargeant at Homo Economicus
Glenn Greenwald likes to call people tribalists and cheerleaders. He should know, he used to be one in praise of George W Bush. Now, he is a tribalist where everything comes back to the evil of Bush and Blair. I engage with his desire to say [...]

Nukes and Empire: The West is on the Brink of Giving Iran Everything it Wants

This is a cross-post by Kyle Orton from The Syrian Intifada
The United States and Iran are seemingly days from signing an agreement on Iran’s nuclear program that has been brought about by a series of American concessions. If the deal is signed on the present terms it will effectively dismantle the sanctions against Iran and [...]

Iran’s Holocaust cartoon contest “suspended”

At the end of an AFP report on an Iranian-sponsored anti-Islamic State cartoon competition comes this intriguing bit of news:
[Masoud Shojai] Tabatabai [the contest organizer] is also the organiser of a competition of cartoons on the Holocaust, launched in late January in response to the publication by Charlie Hebdo of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.
That [...]

Does Iran support the Islamic State?

This is a cross-post by Kyle Orton
In 2010, Farzad Farhangian, an Iranian diplomat based in Belgium, defected to Norway. Farhangian has now emerged with the extraordinary accusation that the Islamic Republic of Iran is controlling the Islamic State (ISIS) and using it as part of Tehran’s war against the Gulf States, especially Saudi Arabia. Farhangian’s accusations [...]