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Theresa May on Terror Charities

Last Wednesday Home Secretary Theresa May had this to say in a speech (emphases added): Speaking at the Community Security Trust annual dinner in central London on Wednesday evening, Mrs May said more would be done to stop extremists “masquerading as charities” in order to raise funds. Mrs May praised the Charity Commission’s efforts to […]

Interpal and Hamas: Extremism at Home

Here is a humorous line from Interpal’s latest annual report to the Charity Commission: Due to the 2003 US designation of Interpal, the trustees are alert to all subsequent risks and allegations, and are especially diligent in their practices. The trustees are also very sensitive with whom the charity chooses to work and associate with. […]

Terror Finance

This is a guest post by Sam Westrop A complete version of this report can be found at the Gatestone Institute Interpal describes itself as a “non-political, non-profit making British charity that focuses solely on the provision of relief and development aid to the poor and needy of Palestine”[1]. However, a number of Governments have […]

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Hamas

What an exciting month it has been for the Palestine Solidarity Campaign! Its chair Hugh Lanning, who is also the deputy general secretary of the trade union PCS, and his comrade Sarah Colborne finally got to meet to meet the Hamas heroes in Gaza. Lanning is second from right in the photo below, having a […]

Labour and Hamas: Interpal

The charity Interpal is a key node of the Hamas support network in the UK. It provides both material and political backing to the terrorist group. Since 2009 it has taken to organising convoys to Gaza under the “Miles of Smiles” banner, often in partnership with fellow Hamas supporters and vicious antisemites. Another convoy has […]

Interpal and Hamas: Prayers, ceremonies, and home

Ibrahim Hewitt is chairman and a trustee of the British charity Interpal. He’s the man on the left in the picture below. In the middle is Interpal’s Birmingham representative Zaid Hassan, also know as Zaid Yemeni. To Hassan’s left is Mohamed Ali Harrath, the CEO of Islam Channel. They are praying in Gaza at the […]

Interpal and Hamas: Ibrahim Dar, the Awlaki Fan

Ibrahim Dar, who also goes by the name Abu Hana, is the Bradford representative of the British charity Interpal. Like his fellow Birmingham representative Zaid Hassan and other prominent figures at Interpal, Dar has been granted the privilege of meeting the head of the group Interpal serves: Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas. Serving Hamas may not […]

Interpal and Hamas: Zaid Hassan Meets Haniyeh

In 2009 35 MPs signed an Early Day Motion (EDM) which objected to the numerous unsubstantiated allegations of links to terrorism that have been levelled at Interpal and the undeserved and unjust negative impact that these have had on the charity’s reputation and operations The EDM also praises Interpal on its efforts to comply with […]

Interpal and Hamas: Breakfast With Ismail

The British charity Interpal tends to react furiously when it is linked to Hamas. So what’s this then? Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas participates in the breakfast with the martyrs’ families and orphans in Gaza and the ceremony was held in Ramadan food iftar Interpal Foundation charity. August 11, 2011 Was Interpal embarrassed? Oh […]

Interpal visits Hamas again

Just five weeks after their last visit to Gaza to provide material and political support to Hamas, Interpal are back with another convoy. Here are the charity’s top men – Essam Mustafa (left) and noxious Ibrahim Hewitt (right) – with Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza. Haniyeh thought it was a good occasion for a rant about […]