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Interpal Joins Labour’s Storm

This news will come as no surprise at all to Harry’s Place readers, but what a day for it to emerge. Sickening footage of a seven-year-old Palestinian girl ‘stabbing’ Jews was taken at a ‘festival of hate’ partly funded by a UK charity supported by Jeremy Corbyn and Labour MPs, MailOnline can reveal. The film […]

Stephen Timms and Labour’s Pit

You might think being stabbed by an Islamist extremist would make you very aware of the gravity of the threats the UK is facing. But you would be wrong in the case of Labour MP Stephen Timms, for he is no such man. In the same week that his fellow Labour MP Gerald Kaufman was […]

Jeremy Corbyn’s “very good friend” Ibrahim Hewitt

A Very Good Friend Watch Jeremy Corbyn hailing his “very good friend” Ibrahim Hewitt, the chairman of the British charity Interpal. This is no courteous nod to an unfamiliar man at a meeting. On the contrary, Corbyn says he has “got to know Ibrahim Hewitt, the chair, extremely well” and salutes him for doing a […]

Interpal Bradford’s Man: Time for Awlaki

Readers of this blog may recall a man named Ibrahim Dar, who also goes by Ebrahim Darr. He works for the registered charity Interpal in Bradford. Interpal serves Hamas. Here is Mr Dar himself meeting the charity’s master, Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas. Oh happy days for Mr Dar. Let’s take a look now at Dar’s […]

Ibrahim Hewitt and the East London Mosque

Last week Oxfam cancelled an event at the East London Mosque where Ibrahim Hewitt of Interpal was due to speak. Oxfam said: We believe that nobody should face discrimination due to their sexual orientation. We are concerned at comments about homosexuality attributed to Mr Hewitt, of which we were previously unaware, and the event has […]

The Charity Commission and Terrorism – More Laughs

In recent times the Charity Commission has acquired a taste for “get tough” rhetoric. Another example was published just today. A new report, the Commission assures us, “shows that the Commission is getting tougher on dealing with non compliance and abuse in charities”. You can read the full report here. The report includes this “case […]

Interpal and Due Diligence

We have covered a conference due to take place at the Edmonton Islamic Centre in London. It featured extremist preachers with long records of vicious hatred against homosexuals and support for jihad. Hope not Hate also raised concerns about this conference. There was coverage by Pink News and the Huffington Post as well. The conference […]

Interpal and Murtaza Khan

You have seen the hatred of homosexuals promoted by speakers at this Sunday’s Interpal event at the Edmonton Islamic Centre in London. Those vicious statements are part of a long record of Islamist diatribes on all sorts of issues. Terrorists are a favourite too, as shown in this post about a speaker at another recent […]

Interpal Gathers Gay Haters in London

This Sunday the Hamas supporters of the British charity Interpal will hold yet another conference featuring hate preachers. The venue will be the Edmonton Islamic Centre in London. Here’s the “inspirational” list: Let’s take a look at the speakers’ records on homosexuality. Abdullah Hakim Quick Quick is an American Islamist preacher. His line on homosexuality […]

Interpal and Uthman Lateef

It is hard to imagine a less suitable speaker for charity fundraising events than the extremist preacher Uthman Lateef. Unless we’re talking about Interpal, of course. Lateef is perfect for the Hamas supporters of Interpal and helped them raise funds just ten days ago, as he has on other occasions in the past. (Click images […]