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Unpaid interns: fightback in the USA

Regular readers of this blog will be aware of numerous posts I have written about unpaid internships in the UK. This feature of modern day working is something we imported from the USA. In my opinion, it is not one of the better imports.
The New York Times has published the following story:

‘Charlie Rose’ Show Agrees [...]

Masochists Wanted

It would appear that this advertisement for unpaid interns is genuine. Dalkey Archive Press is a publishing house looking for new staff. It makes clear in the advertisement that the “The pool of candidates for positions will be primarily derived from unpaid interns.” While they might take on one or two people in a short [...]

Advertising for unpaid interns

Longer term readers of my blog posts here will be aware that I have argued against the use of unpaid interns. A key reason for my annoyance is that many could be illegal as they would be in breach of the minimum wage legislation. In some industries the practice of use of unpaid interns is [...]

The MP and the Unpaid Intern

Graham Jones is the Labour MP for Hyndburn.  Late last year, on a House of Commons funded website, the following advertisement appeared:

We are looking to recruit a bright, hard-working candidate to intern in the Westminster office of Graham Jones MP.
Applicants should be reliable, enthusiastic and be sympathetic to the aims and values of the Labour [...]

P.G. Wodehouse on unpaid internships

Apparently they are nothing new. In Wodehouse’s 1917 story Jeeves and the Hard-Boiled Egg, Bertie Wooster’s friend Francis “Bicky” Bickersteth has (after a bit of blackmail) persuaded his uncle the Duke of Chiswick, visiting him in New York, not to cut off his allowance:
“I–I think that, on the whole, it would be best if [...]

Social Mobility Going Down the Tubes

We have seen unpaid internships and we have seen companies that alienate poor people with the interns that they wish to take on. Now we have what may be a natural extension, companies that require interns to pay for their internship.
Etsio is a web based agency in the business of matching graduates with companies. These are [...]