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Archive for 'Ignored by Socialist Unity'

Yarmouk Camp, Damascus: January 31, 2014 [see update]

When I first saw this photo, I couldn’t believe it was genuine. I thought perhaps it was a CGI from some post-apocalyptic movie.
But apparently it’s for real [probably not-- see update below]. Click to enlarge and get the full impact.
The World Post reports:
A sea of hungry, haunted faces looks out from a massive queue [...]

Cambodian and Vietnamese workers fight back

Some years ago, I quoted hopefully from an article by Karen Tramontano of the Global Fairness Initiative:
The nation of Cambodia, which endured some of the worst tribulations of the past half-century, has managed in recent years to write at least one hopeful chapter. Cambodia has not only established itself as a competitive force in the [...]

Israel’s Histadrut wins big victories as unions elsewhere struggle to grow

Cross-posted from Eric Lee
This article appears in German in Jungle World with the headline “Per SMS zum Arbeitskampf”.
In early November, Ofer Eini announced the end of his 8-year stint as the head of Israel’s national trade union center, the Histadrut.
The end of the “Eini era” is a good moment to reflect upon some of the [...]

Great moments in Stalinism

A reminder that using “anti-Zionism” as a cover for antisemitism, and identifying Israel as an agent of western “imperialism,” have a long and not-so-noble history.
On November 20, 1952, the trial of Rudolf Slansky, former general secretary of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, and 13 colleagues got under way in Prague. The Moscow-directed purge of the [...]

IDF helps Syrian woman deliver baby at Israeli hospital

Based on events of the not-so-distant past, Israeli soldiers have reason to be extremely wary when approached at the borders by people claiming to have medical difficulties.
But soldiers made the compassionate decision to help a Syrian woman across the border so she could give birth at an Israeli hospital.
“There are no midwives in the village [...]

Labour, liberty, progress and a cuckoo in the nest

This is a guest post by Howie
With the continuing attacks taking place on the hard won reforms of the NHS, working people’s rights and the welfare state, the Labour Party remains the sole vehicle through which the forward march of the coalition can be halted. As the recent attacks on the father of the Labour [...]

Stalin and Mao applaud

The Washington Post reports on the Chinese government’s use of an old Stalinist standby– coerced public confessions– against critics of the regime:

Chinese state television on Sunday broadcast a startling video of a famous blogger in handcuffs, renouncing his Web posts and saying how dangerous the Internet would be if left uncontrolled by the government.
The 10-minute [...]

Fifty-four years after the Revolution

The great Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez’s best post yet.
Read it. And forward it to anyone you know on the “Left” who still considers Castro’s Cuba worthy of solidarity.

Deluded Westerner vs. grim reality

[I]t is a travesty to paint Mao as a monster like Hitler, which is what Jung and Halliday do. Mao’s government failed to deal effectively with a famine, but they did not do so deliberately, and even with the famine taken into account, overall life expectancy and standards of living rose dramatically during the period [...]

Israel at its best

Or, as some may see it, more Zionist trickery.
The New York Times reports from Nahariya, Israel:
As fighting between Syrian government forces and rebels has raged in recent months in areas close to the Israeli-held Golan Heights, scores of Syrian casualties have been discreetly spirited across the hostile frontier for what is often lifesaving treatment in [...]