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The recent disturbances in Ferguson, Missouri, following the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black teenager were not exactly downplayed by the media in the US and elsewhere. But here are a couple of things that stood out to me. –While the circumstances of the shooting of Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson […]

Putin’s vomit-inducing op-ed piece

I share Senator Bob Menendez’s reaction to Vladimir V. Putin’s hideously hypocritical op-ed piece in the New York Times. Nonetheless it seems to have impressed an awful lot of generally sensible people. (Were you impressed? If so, please explain why.) Putin (or someone) wrote: No one doubts that poison gas was used in Syria. But […]

Guardian staffer sounds off on Alan Rusbridger’s management in a piano memoir thread

Criticising the boss is never easy. But when your boss is the po-faced editor of the Guardian, and the subject is his half-million salary and vanity scribblings as against compulsory redundancies and pay-cuts, you apparently can’t file a grievance in the comment section of one of his essays. On this thread, Alan Rusbridger’s efforts in […]

Why Some Politicians Favour Statutory Regulation of the Press

Here’s a case in point. Between 2005 and 2009, the Secretary of State for Culture,Media and Sport, Maria Miller MP,  claimed 90,000 GBP in parliamentary expenses in respect of a house in south London where her parents’ lived. The Telegraph has been investigating  further. When they called up her office, this is what they were told by […]

Save with KenCo

So, you’re a public figure and as such are asked to do interviews, make personal appearances, write columns and the like. Nice work if you can get it, and certainly a nice little earner. Of course an outspoken socialist whose lips spit invective against “rich bastards” would welcome the opportunity to pay extra tax on […]

Galloway on Hitchens: a closer look

Rosie Bell (who comments here as KB Player) has produced an excellent fisking of George Galloway’s wretched attack on the late Christopher Hitchens. I just want to respond, for the record, to a few additional points in Galloway’s nasty screed. Galloway writes that Hitchens was “the man who once praised Saddam Hussein in adoration…” This […]

Poor People Need Not Apply

Simone Webb is a seventeen year old student hoping to take up the offer she has received from Oxford University to study PPE. In order to gain some experience working in journalism, and because she admired the magazine, she was happy to be an unpaid intern for one month at DIVA,  a glossy magazine aimed […]

Shark Jumped

‘Information wants to be free’ is the cry of the internet activist. WikiLeaks begs to differ. And Julian Assange thinks he’s able to value the information that comes his way too. A copy of a WikiLeaks staff Confidentiality Agreement was leaked to the New Statesman yesterday. It’s very tightly worded and makes disclosing information from […]

Julian Assange: Not as Accountable as the Office of Israeli President

Diggity, diggity, dig, dig, dig. Update: as a parallel thread – with far more meat – has been opened, I am closing this one.

Pictures: Israel Bus Attack

None of the mainstream media seem to be carrying these photos of the effects of an anti-tank missile fired from Gaza hitting an Israeli school bus – so we will.