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Archive for 'Hamas'

Hamas outraged at UNRWA’s school curriculum

We’ve published our share of criticism of UNRWA– the United Nations agency that deals with Palestinian refugees.
But judging from this report by Hamas’s Al Aqsa TV about UNRWA’s school curriculum– which dares to teach Palestinian children about universal human rights and peaceful resistance– they must be doing something right:

The Charity Commission and Terrorism – More Laughs

In recent times the Charity Commission has acquired a taste for “get tough” rhetoric.
Another example was published just today. A new report, the Commission assures us, “shows that the Commission is getting tougher on dealing with non compliance and abuse in charities”. You can read the full report here.
The report includes this [...]

The strange solidarity of Richard Silverstein

Cifwatch recently flagged a most bizarre exchange between Richard Silverstein and a Gazan woman called Sally Idwedar.  You can read the whole thing here on IsraellyCool. It reminded me of a post I wrote some time ago on Palestinian solidarity.
‘Solidarity’, in a political context, is used to denote a non-judgemental identification with, and support for, [...]

Sheik Qaradawi expelled from Qatar [see update]

It appears Livingstone favourite and Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Sheik Qaradawi has been expelled from Qatar, along with the rest of the Muslim Brotherhood (their offices have been closed) and the leader of Hamas, Khaled Meshaal.
The Muslim Brotherhood is on the slide.
Qaradawi’s statement last month calling for the extermination of Shiites in Syria can’t have [...]

Theresa May on Terror Charities

Last Wednesday Home Secretary Theresa May had this to say in a speech (emphases added):
Speaking at the Community Security Trust annual dinner in central London on Wednesday evening, Mrs May said more would be done to stop extremists “masquerading as charities” in order to raise funds.
Mrs May praised the Charity Commission’s efforts to take a [...]

Interpal and Hamas: Extremism at Home

Here is a humorous line from Interpal’s latest annual report to the Charity Commission:
Due to the 2003 US designation of Interpal, the trustees are alert to all subsequent risks and allegations, and are especially diligent in their practices. The trustees are also very sensitive with whom the charity chooses to work and associate with.
Ho ho! [...]

Hamas journalist claims Shi’ite women are whores

The DeLiberation website is a collaborative project of dissenting antizionists in the UK, who began to question the Holocaust and discuss Jewish power, in such an obvious way that they were widely recognised as antisemites. The Deliberation writers rallied around the antisemitic author and jazz musician Gilad Atzmon.
The website became an Adullam’s Cave for the [...]

Hamasnik killed in Damascus; Israel not blamed

Kamel Ranaja, a member of Hamas’s political bureau, has been killed in Damascus, according to a party official.
Remarkably Hamas did not immediately blame Israel.
Ynet reports:
[S]hortly after his death was announced, the new pan-Arabic television station Al-Mayadeen reported that he used to serve as aide to Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, a senior Hamas member who took part in [...]

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Hamas

What an exciting month it has been for the Palestine Solidarity Campaign! Its chair Hugh Lanning, who is also the deputy general secretary of the trade union PCS, and his comrade Sarah Colborne finally got to meet to meet the Hamas heroes in Gaza.
Lanning is second from right in the photo below, [...]

Labour MPs describe inhuman Palestinian conditions in Lebanon, then call for boycott of Israel

From Richard Millett

Kaufman calls for boycott of Israel. Andy Slaughter on his left and Jeremy Corbyn (scratching).

There were more surreal ongoings at Parliament on Monday night when the Palestinian Return Centre held a seminar on the Palestinian refugees, which was attended by four Labour MPs.
I was banned from filming and photographing by the organisers eventhough there [...]