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Kindred spirits

As you watch this informative colloquy on “gun rights” between CNN’s Piers Morgan and professional wingnut Alex Jones, keep in mind that Jones once got George Galloway to agree that a “false flag” terror attack by the “military-industrial complex,” to be blamed on Iran, was a “very real danger,” and that Jones’s loony website Infowars [...]

The Right vs. the cops

I can remember a time when the primary concern of the political Right in America was “law and order”– or rather the lack thereof. Conservatives treated law enforcement officers with respect sometimes verging on reverence. They considered the police a “thin blue line” standing between civilization and rampant criminality, and they didn’t seem overly concerned [...]

A lesson in “gun rights” history

A week after the Newtown massacre– as the National Rifle Association doubles down on opposing any new regulations on anyone obtaining any sort of firearms, and as news comes in of four firefighters shot (and two killed) as they responded to a blaze in upstate New York– I recommend that anyone interested in the history [...]