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Guardian publishes praise of Hamas from Palestine Telegraph writer

The Guardian has published a piece by Nader Elkhuzundar this evening. Elkhuzundar writes:
Hamas has always been the spike in Israel’s throat. The latter took advantage of this and tightened up the siege on the Gaza Strip, in the name of “self defence” and anti-terrorism acts. The Gazan border is almost always closed. [...]
Hamas has slowly stripped the [...]

A Guardian Q&A with Ismail Haniyeh

As was apparent at the time, when people were commenting, but may now be less clear to the casual reader – this is a spoof.
Following his op-ed, “We Palestinians are reclaiming our destiny“, which was published in The Guardian today, Ismail Haniyeh has kindly agreed to an interview with Associate Editor Seumas Milne on the [...]

Polly Toynbee’s Ridiculous Suggestion

April Fools’ Day was over a week ago, but today the  Guardian newspaper has  published the most jaw-dropping, stupid suggestion in an article by Polly Toynbee.  Her idea is summed up in the article’s title:
The tax and finances of every citizen must be open to public scrutiny.
The rest of the article tries to justify this [...]

Something else astounding in the Guardian

Here you go.
Well, not astounding. It is, after all, a fascist rag. And a presumptive hotel chain.

Is this a new low for the Guardian? [UPDATED]

As Israelinurse has just noted over on Cif Watch, the Guardian today ran a piece by the wife of Khader Adnan. It includes passages such as this:
Our life was turned upside down on 17 December 2011 when Israeli troops raided our home in Araba village, south of Jenin, in the occupied West Bank. It was [...]

Hamas in Gaza: ‘Armed confrontation will be backbone of the resistance’

This a cross-post from Just Journalism.
Osama Hamdan, the head of Hamas’ international relations department, used a television interview to clarify the Islamist organisation’s intention to use violence against Israel, following its recent reconciliation with Fatah. According to Memri’s translation of his appearance on 4 May, Hamdan argued that the new unity deal [...]

The Guardian excels itself in idiocy

The Guardian has published an article on its website by Richard Hillgrove. He argues that “Facebook and Twitter must be reeled in” and that “they are going to have to introduce a delay mechanism so that content can be checked before it goes up.”   He goes on to say that there needs to be “some [...]

‘None of which detracts from the Guardian’s investigation’

Richard Brooks, writing at the Guardian’s Tax Gap Blog, offers a somewhat tetchy response to those who have the audacity to question the tax arrangements of the Guardian Media Group:
The outrage on this thread over alleged Guardian hypocrisy would be nothing next to the justifiable outrage if the newspaper had allowed its reporting [...]

Don’t go to dinner parties with Guardian writers

I’ve never been to a chatterati dinner party, but apparently this is what goes on:
Conversations generally begin with the sort of anxieties that many of us might reasonably share: it cannot be right for women to be denied access to education in some Islamic regimes; the use of the death penalty for [...]

The Guardian Whitewashes Racism

Just before New Year, Comment is Free published an article by a certain John Whitbeck.
Whitbeck is a 9/11 troofer who was suspended from the practice of law in the state of New York for four years for his machinations on behalf of Ghaith Pharaon, the Saudi financier who brought down the BCCI bank in 1991.
The piece was an [...]