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Archive for 'GOP Hispanic Outreach'

GOP Hispanic outreach watch (a continuing series)

His fellow Republicans are really trying to get anti-immigration reform zealot Congressman Steve King of Iowa to shut up. As The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank reports:

[King] outdid himself in an interview that came to light this week in which he described “DREAMers” — people brought to this country illegally as children — as misshapen drug [...]

GOP Hispanic outreach watch

As you may recall, the reelection of President Obama last year with more than 70 percent of the Hispanic vote threw some Republicans into a tizzy.
Fox News’s GOP mouthpiece Sean Hannity said he had “evolved” on the issue of immigration reform, and now supported a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants. Others, like House Speaker [...]

GOP Hispanic-outreach watch

After Latino voters overwhelmingly chose Barack Obama over Mitt Romney in the 2012 election, Republicans have been trying really, really hard to find ways of convincing them that the GOP is their true home– thirty-three long years after Ronald Reagan famously said: “Latinos are Republican. They just don’t know it yet.”
This won’t help:
Rep. Don Young [...]