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Archive for 'Glittering Prizes'

Department for Education employee shortlisted for British Muslim Award 2013

Ishtiaq Hussain, a Whitehall civil servant and counter extremism expert, has been nominated for a British Muslim Award 2013 in the “Best Civil Servant” category.  This entry is based on votes from the public as part of a three month campaign operating and encouraging people to send in their votes. As well as his full-time [...]

Good Doggie

Uncle Jo-Jo just has made the 500,000th approved comment on Harry’s Place. He must be very proud.

Congratulations Howard Jacobson

Howard Jacobson has won the Booker Prize for his fabulous book, The Finkler Question.
This is just terrific news, and a well deserved glory for one of this country’s very finest writers. I believe Howard Jacobson reads Harry’s Place from time to time, and so I’d like personally to offer my congratulations for a brilliant [...]