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Here we go again

Hamas has broken yet another ceasefire (have any Israel-bashers noticed a pattern here?) and resumed rocket launches into Israel.
What do they expect to achieve this time around? A more compliant Israel– one that will allow access to more weapons and concrete to build more attack tunnels in exchange for a “permanent” truce? Fat chance. More [...]

Hamas: We deported journalists who filmed launch sites

A revealing interview with a Hamas spokesperson about journalists in Gaza:

Notable quote:
“[T]he journalists who entered Gaza were fixated on the notion of peace and on the Israeli narrative.
“So when they were conducting interviews, or when they went on location to report, they would focus on filming the places from where missiles were launched. Thus, they [...]

Two more things worth reading

I realize that by now, the thought of reading even one more piece about Israel, Hamas and Gaza may make you feel a bit unwell, but I think these two are worth it:
Bassem Eid, a Palestinian human rights activist living in East Jerusalem, explains why it’s ultimately up to Palestinians themselves to get rid of [...]

BBC and NY Times: Israeli strikes in Gaza not “indiscriminate”

Two major media outlets– the BBC and The New York Times– have got around to reporting what many noticed weeks ago: that IDF strikes in Gaza have been far from “indiscriminate.”
Citing figures released by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the BBC’s head of statistics Anthony Reuben found that the number of civilian men [...]

Think the BBC’s coverage of Gaza is unbalanced? Check out The Guardian

Cross-posted from Eric Lee
Three hours after the end of the 72-hour ceasefire, Israel finally retaliated with air strikes. Hamas missiles were fired at a range of different target’s in southern parts of Israel.
The BBC headline at the moment reads:
Gaza rockets fired as ceasefire ends
Palestinian militant group Hamas rejects any extension of the three-day Gaza [...]

Hamas champion of human shields beaten by Gazans

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri, whom we last encountered praising Gazans for acting as human shields during Operation Protective Edge, was reportedly attacked and beaten by Palestinian civilians.
According to the [Egyptian website Veto Gate], Abu Zuhri’s attackers were expressing anger at Hamas, placing blame on the terrorist organization for inciting the IDF’s Operation Protective Edge [...]

Real journalism in Gaza

In a couple of recent instances, correspondents in Gaza have reported involuntarily on Hamas rocket launches aimed at Israel:

Here is a reporter for India’s NDTV in Gaza behaving like an actual journalist:

This report is being aired on NDTV and published on after our team left the Gaza strip – Hamas has not taken very [...]

Obama on Gaza

Speaking at a press conference about the war in Gaza, President Obama seemed tired and a little dispirited. And perhaps he was overly optimistic about what can be achieved after a ceasefire. But I think his understanding of Israel’s right to defend itself, and of Hamas’s responsibility for breaking the latest ceasefire, and for the [...]

John “I’m with Assad” Wight on Israeli “barbarity”

In a “Letter to an Israeli Soldier” published at RT and Socialist Unity, John Wight presumes to lecture the IDF about their supposed “barbarity” and asks:
[W]hen will your thirst for Palestinian blood be sated?
Jews thirsting for Gentile blood? That sounds vaguely familiar.
This, recall, is the same John Wight who proudly stands with the Syrian dictator [...]

Jonathan Freedland’s Utilitarian Problem

Writing in The Guardian, Jonathan Freedland has argued that not only is the Israeli government’s action in Gaza wrong, it is “utterly self-defeating”:
More Israelis have died in the operation to tackle the Hamas threat than have died from the Hamas threat, at least over the past five years. Put another way, to address the risk [...]