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Archive for 'Gay Rights'

Houston mayor has to leave Texas to wed

Annise Parker (right) and Kathy Hubbard
Annise Parker, mayor of the largest city in Texas and the fourth largest city in the United States, had to go to California to marry her longtime partner Kathy Hubbard.
The governor and legislature of Texas (and every other state that doesn’t permit same-sex marriage) should be ashamed.

Another US Anti-Gay Group Head Speaks In Jamaica

This is a cross-post from Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion
From J. Lester Feder at Buzzfeed:
An anti-gay activist from Massachusetts has warned Jamaicans that repealing the country’s sodomy provision would end freedom of speech and lead to a surge of sexually transmitted diseases during a rally in Kingston.
Brian Camenker, founder of MassResistance, was the keynote speaker at an event [...]

Nauseous Menk

So the Islamic preacher Ismail Menk is in the UK now. However, it appears that his university tour has been cancelled.
This is probably a good thing for the poor man. He might be in proximity to homosexuals on a university campus. And he doesn’t like that one bit. Listen to this [...]

Ismail Menk on Homosexuality – “Worse than animals”

Ismail Menk is a somewhat popular preacher from Zimbabwe. He certainly has fans in the UK. Among them one finds the Tayyibun Institute, an East London group with a record of promoting vicious hate preachers. This includes a notably nasty online “teacher” roster.
Tayyibun is touring Menk around the UK this month. [...]

Dreadful at The Dorchester – Jalal ibn Saeed’s Assembly of Haters

Jalal ibn Saeed is an American Islamist preacher who lives in Britain. Readers may remember he is a supporter of the Taliban.
He’s also a fan of the racist David Duke, a former “Grand Wizard” of the KKK.

With that background, the list of speakers ibn Saeed’s “Al Fitrah” outfit plan to gather at The Dorchester [...]

American rightists ♥ Putin (continued)

Last month I mentioned how two prominent figures on the American Right– Rush Limbaugh and Ralph Peters– had kind words for Russia’s authoritarian and Assad-apologist President Vladimir Putin, whom they credit with opposing the “gay agenda” and standing up for “Christian values.”
Putin’s latest rightwing fanboy is anti-gay extremist Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association. [...]

Interpal Gathers Gay Haters in London

This Sunday the Hamas supporters of the British charity Interpal will hold yet another conference featuring hate preachers. The venue will be the Edmonton Islamic Centre in London.
Here’s the “inspirational” list:

Let’s take a look at the speakers’ records on homosexuality.

Abdullah Hakim Quick
Quick is an American Islamist preacher. His line on homosexuality is as [...]

Some Contrarian thoughts on Russia and the Gays

This is a guest post by Paul Canning

Is Russia’s ‘remove kids from gay parents’ bill the straw that will break Russian anti-gay forces? When will Western media finally report that the Russian version of America’s Christianist anti-gays have Russian opposition?
Last week the news came out that a long hinted at new anti-gay bill had been introduced [...]

Three missing gay stories: Iran, Turkey, Belarus

This is a cross-post by Paul Canning

It’s Russia, Russia, Russia when it comes to ‘foreign gay news’ these days. But it’s a much bigger and badder gay world out there.
Although the video footage of gays being tormented by Russian Nazis is mainstream news, worse footage from Jamaica is failing to attract anything like the same attention. [...]

G20 Day of Action against Putin’s homophobic law

This is a Press Release from Peter Tatchell
Join us Tuesday 3 September, two days before the G20 summit
5-8pm, Downing Street, London SW1
London protest is part of Global Speak Out on Russia, with 19 cities
A Day of Action – Love Russia, Hate Homophobia – will be held in London on Tuesday 3 September, just two days [...]