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Archive for 'Homophobia'

Interpal Gathers Gay Haters in London

This Sunday the Hamas supporters of the British charity Interpal will hold yet another conference featuring hate preachers. The venue will be the Edmonton Islamic Centre in London.
Here’s the “inspirational” list:

Let’s take a look at the speakers’ records on homosexuality.

Abdullah Hakim Quick
Quick is an American Islamist preacher. His line on homosexuality is as [...]

Three missing gay stories: Iran, Turkey, Belarus

This is a cross-post by Paul Canning

It’s Russia, Russia, Russia when it comes to ‘foreign gay news’ these days. But it’s a much bigger and badder gay world out there.
Although the video footage of gays being tormented by Russian Nazis is mainstream news, worse footage from Jamaica is failing to attract anything like the same attention. [...]

The UK academies which won’t permit ‘the promotion of homosexuality’

Gay Star News reports on Russia style regression in some schools’ policies on sex education:

Three UK academies have stepped back to the 1980s by banning teachers from saying anything positive about gay life.
Gay Star News can reveal Castle View Enterprise Academy in Sunderland, Colston Girl’s School in Bristol and Swindon Academy have re-introduced anti-gay language from Section [...]

Just when you thought ‘Socialist Unity’ couldn’t get any worse

This is a cross-post from Howie’s Corner
Perhaps I was being a bit naive when I thought that the political content of the totally misnamed Socialist Unity website could not get any worse when I saw the latest missive from John Wight published yesterday under the title Stephen Fry’s call for the Winter Olympics to be moved [...]

The American Wahhabists

This is a cross-post by Paul Canning

This horrific image, which I make no apologies for posting, comes from the Ugandan Parliament.
The Ugandan lesbian activist Kasha Jacqueline posted it on Twitter. It is an example of the sort of disgusting anti-gay crap being distributed to Ugandan Members of Parliament. Kasha said it left her “sobbing” and pleading [...]

Homophobia in word and deed [UPDATED]

Often religious figures, when asserting that homosexuality is sinful, contrive to do so in a comparatively soft and reluctant way, perhaps reminding the listener or reader that we all probably fall short of ideal behaviour in some aspect of our lives, and that this particular issue should not be scrutinized disproportionately. Not so the forthright [...]

Chavez’s gay-baiting successor

Hugo Chavez’s anointed successor as president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, will stand for election next month against Henrique Capriles, who lost to the terminally-ill Chavez last October.
Supposedly socialist chavistas attacked Capriles– an unmarried straight Catholic– as a gay Jew.
But Chavez had enough sense not to suggest these things himself– unlike Maduro.
Inaceptables las palabras de [...]

A statement from Cardinal O’Brien

I last mentioned Cardinal Keith O’Brien here when I explained why he had been nominated for Stonewall’s Bigot of the Year award – a contest he later won outright:
Cardinal Keith O’Brien, the UK’s most senior Catholic has described gay marriage as a “grotesque subversion of a universally accepted human right” and has campaigned vigorously against [...]

In defence of religious opt-outs

A comment in Comment Is Free today by Charlie Condou, who plays “Marcus Dent” in the British soap opera Coronation Street”,  has prompted me to say something about the issue of religious opt out.  He said:
There remains the problem of the opt-out: individual churches can “opt out” of gay marriage on grounds of religious “conscience”. Does this mean that if we get [...]

Bankrupt This Ugly Business

There is nothing beautiful about the Sapphire Salon and should be driven to bankruptcy.
The people who own it should be scratching their heads, driving themselves mad with worry about how they’ll pay the rent as the dust piles up on their salon chairs.
Why? Well, the salon refused a booking by a gay couple. They quite literally turned [...]