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    Antisemitism, homophobia and the NUS’s National Executive Council

    This is Ayo Olatunji. Ayo is running to sit on the National Union of Students (NUS) National Executive Council (NEC) at this week’s NUS conference in Glasgow. Ayo is best known for his role in the Hen Mazzig protest at UCL in November 2016 where Jewish students were trapped in a room by a mob of anti-Israel protestors. Unsatisfied with his initial attempts, Ayo was this year once again front and centre at the Dan Meridor protest at KCL where  Jewish students were again surrounded in a room by a baying crowd of their fellow students. Ayo believes that Israel is “one of the principal funders of genocides of Africans”.…

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    The East London Mosque – Surrealist Politics

    Islam is unethical, immoral, and unhealthy. It should be hidden from society. Let’s say a large and controversial East London Christian group invited a foreign preacher to address the congregation. In this thought experiment, the preacher is already on video record rejecting Islam with these blunt words: This is a lifestyle and an action that we think is unethical. That it is immoral. That it is unhealthy for a society, especially to publicise. Muslims worshipping secretly is “one thing”. Mosques, though, will be in a great deal of trouble if the Christian preacher’s vision is realised: It’s one thing to do it behind closed doors. Nobody knows about it. It’s…

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    Why Not Both?

    Although potentially a good writer/commentator, Owen Jones strikes me as wanting to believe in the white/black hat theories of political power rather than actually believing that tosh. Plainly he was shaken by the act of soul-destroying evil which unfolded at Orlando. Like the victims of the Bataclan, those here are disproportionately young. Whilst they were targeted because they were gay, such murderous sentiments is a sine qua non of jihadism. Likewise, the Ozar Hatorah school and Hypercacher shootings were impromptu Jew-hunts but arising from hard-wired antisemitism. Update: And here it is: If a terrorist with a track record of expressing hatred of and disgust at Jewish people had walked into…

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    Three GOP candidates appear at “kill the gays” event

    Can I get unanimous agreement from our readers that Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and former Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas should be removed from serious consideration for the Republican presidential nomination after appearing at an event hosted by a Christian pastor who believes in the death penalty for gay people? Cruz at this point actually stands a decent chance of winning the nomination. The following are not historical clips. They are from the event at which the three candidates appeared last Saturday: He would at least give them a chance to repent before killing them. And sorry: In this case, “I didn’t know what…

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    More controversy from Stonewall

    I’m not surprised to read that a recent interview in the Guardian with Ruth Hunt (CEO of Stonewall) caused a bit of a stir. As a commenter on Pink News pointed out, interviewer Decca Aitkenhead seemed to be channelling Brendan O’Neill here: On the face of it, the [No Bystanders] campaign is blamelessly admirable. “It’s about taking personal responsibility to create a kinder environment in which we can all exist.” But it comes dangerously close, I suggest, to policing people’s private thoughts and feelings. The campaign looks fine to me, and seems very clearly targeted at those who overhear abusive remarks and fail to intervene, *not* at policing private thoughts.…

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    Not a parody

    Reuters reports: A memorial to Apple Inc founder Steve Jobs has been dismantled in the Russian city of St Petersburg after the man who succeeded him at the helm of the company, Tim Cook, came out as gay. The two-metre (more than six-feet) high monument, in the shape of an iPhone, was erected outside a St Petersburg college in January 2013 by a Russian group of companies called ZEFS. Citing the need to abide by a law combating “gay propaganda”, ZEFS said in a statement on Monday that the memorial had been removed on Friday — the day after Apple CEO Cook had announced he was homosexual. “In Russia, gay…

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    Russian nationalists warn of the danger of, um, Conchita Wurst

    Reacting to the victory of the Austrian gay transvestite Conchita Wurst in the Eurovision contest, the Russian nationalist website Sputnik & Pogrom (charming name) posted this on Twitter: (Translation: Ukraine, you want into Europe? Conchita is waiting for Ukraine! May 11, either you go to the referendum, or the blue beard comes to you!) Is anyone else reminded of the Nazi campaign against the “decadent” art and culture of Weimar Germany? Somehow Israel survived the victory of the transsexual Dana International in the 1998 Eurovision contest.

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    ‘Dr Naseem. Frankly, get a grip!’

    Mohammed Naseem’s bigoted and offensive statements on homosexuality were reported shortly after it was announced that Peter Tatchell was to become a patron of Tell MAMA, whose other patrons include IMAAN, the LGBT Muslim support group.  Now Tell MAMA has issued a strong statement unequivocally condemning Naseem’s words. Here’s an extract: The Huffington Post piece lists the following: It was apparent that Lahore, the Muslim drag queen featured in the programme, “does not know his religion and has not got much links with it,” Naseem said. “He would have, otherwise, known that it is prohibited in Islam. If he wants to persue [sic] his inclination then he is free to…

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    Student journalists attacked for challenging homophobic preachers

    This is a cross-post from Student Rights Last week both Yusuf Chambers of the Islamic Education and Research Academy (IERA) and UthmanLateef appeared at the University of Nottingham as part of ‘Discover Islam Week’. Given that both these speakers have a record of expressing homophobic sentiment, student journalists both approached LGBT Network members and questioned the two men on their beliefs. Calls for intolerant speakers to be allowed to speak in order for their bigotry to be exposed are common from students, so you would think that this would have been acceptable behaviour. Instead a statement has been released by theLGBT Network and the Islamic Society at the university which targets those journalists for trying “to provoke an antagonistic atmosphere”…

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    Real Student Rights vs Student Rights

    Yesterday Real Student Rights drew attention to a joint statement which has recently been released by Nottingham University’s Islamic Society and LGBT network. The writers express concern that reporters from the Tab newspaper had been trying to stir up antagonism between the two groups in the wake of events featuring Uthman Lateef and Yusuf Chambers as part of Discover Islam Week. The Islamic Society (ISoc) and the LGBT Network at the University of Nottingham would like to voice our disappointment and concern in hearing that Tab reporters have been approaching individuals from the LGBT Network in an attempt to provoke an antagonistic atmosphere between the two groups. It was clearly agreed that…