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The emancipation sequence

Further to Sarka’s excellent piece taking apart Christina Odone’s lament about religious beliefs not being given their due weight in public life, I’d like to draw attention to this in the SkepticLawyer:-
Christina Odone, former deputy editor of The New Statesman, in the course of arguing that religious believers are being pushed out of public life [...]

Houston mayor has to leave Texas to wed

Annise Parker (right) and Kathy Hubbard
Annise Parker, mayor of the largest city in Texas and the fourth largest city in the United States, had to go to California to marry her longtime partner Kathy Hubbard.
The governor and legislature of Texas (and every other state that doesn’t permit same-sex marriage) should be ashamed.

Is supporting same-sex marriage “anti-Israel”?

Here in Virginia, the Republican party decided this year to forgo a primary to select its candidates for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general. (Virginia and New Jersey are the only states that hold off-off year elections for statewide office.)
Instead the state GOP held a convention at which a long-shot candidate for lieutenant governor, an [...]

Victory for same sex marriage – and some other LGBT news

Considering the strongly felt, and expressed, views of gay marriage’s opponents, news of the bill’s final passing into law seemed to be greeted comparatively quietly – here the indifference of the media to this significant legal breakthrough comes in for some criticism.
As the Washington Post observes, the British response generally has been far more phlegmatic [...]

The House of Lords backs same-sex marriage

The wrecking amendment has been voted down by 242 votes, despite some peers’ contorted arguments against equality.
Here’s Lord Dear:
Insisting the measure would overturn centuries of tradition by altering the concept of marriage, Lord Dear added: “It seeks to divide a nation with an argument that hides behind the concept of equality, when in reality it [...]

Two legal victories: Outlawing caste discrimination, gay marriage in France

In a welcome move, the House of Lords has ruled that caste should be deemed a protected characteristic in a new clause in the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill.  This follows an earlier defeat for this amendment in the House of Commons. Keith Porteous Wood, executive director of the National Secular Society, commented:
We are delighted [...]

The ultimate taboo?

With the Supreme Court holding a second day of hearings on the question of same-sex marriage, it’s interesting to note the astonishingly fast change of public opinion in the US on the issue.
Even Fox News’s conservative curmudgeon Bill O’Reilly conceded: “The compelling argument is on the side of homosexuals.”
Ohio’s Republican Senator Rob Portman recently [...]

On the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill

I agree with William Hague, Theresa May and George Osborne – for once. I also (much less unusually) agree with Norman Geras who asserts that there are no sound reasons for opposing gay marriage. The Telegraph seems to attract a disproportionate (and, to be fair, unearned) number of bigoted commenters on all topics, and the thread [...]

The Redefinition of Marriage

One of the most repeated arguments against allowing people of the same sex to marry is that this will involve a “redefinition” of marriage. This is a nonsensical argument.
When a gay couple announce they’re getting married and to expect a wedding invitation in the post, their friends and family do not stare uncomprehending into the [...]

Ugandan Discussions

When I first read of Adrian Smith being demoted and having a 40% pay cut slapped on him for stating on Facebook an opposition to same-sex marriage, I hung fire. As dismal as it looked for Traford Housing Trust to rusticate an employee for a comment made outwith work and which had the most [...]