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Archive for 'Galloway'

Bizarre George Galloway gamble backfires for unionists

Last night the BBC carried a major debate on the referendum from Glasgow – with the audience specifically Scotland’s youngest voters. Both ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ were allowed to nominate two people for the debate.
The SNP and Green party represented the Yes campaign. The ‘No’ ( Better Together) chose the leader of the Scottish Conservative [...]


Whoever thought the best way to challenge George Galloway was to break his jaw is an idiot.
There are lots of legal and non-violent ways of responding to Galloway’s poisonous views and repugnant actions, without making him some kind of martyr– a role he will be pleased to play to the hilt.
And no, it’s [...]

George Galloway: Bradford is an Israel-free zone

On the heels of Yvonne Ridley’s effort to make Scotland a Zionist-free zone, the MP for Bradford West announced (on whose authority?): “We have declared Bradford an Israel-free zone.”

“We don’t want any Israeli goods, we don’t want any Israeli services, we don’t want any Israeli academics coming to the university or the college. We don’t [...]

Atzmon and Duke and Galloway

The news that Gilad Atzmon has called white nationalist/antisemite David Duke a “proud white man” and a “humanist” should hardly surprise anyone who has been paying attention to the Jew-hating filth he has spouted in recent years.
Although many of Atzmon’s former fans on the anti-Zionist Left have edged away from him, George Galloway boasted only [...]

Galloway’s Respect Party linked concerns in Bradford Schools

An interesting development in Bradford:
Faisal Khan, the man accused of leading efforts to force out head teachers and introduce Islamic values in Bradford, was one of five new Respect councillors who won election in May 2012 on the back of Mr Galloway’s success in the Bradford West by-election. They resigned from the party last August [...]

Voter outreach: Galloway style

The MP for Bradford West tells a teenage shop worker: “I don’t want your fucking vote!”

It appears to be a pretty clear-cut case of assault.

“He grabbed my shoulder and shook my shoulder.”
(Hat tip: Howie)

Galloway’s most disgusting lie yet?

To be sure, there’s plenty of competition among the multitude of Galloway’s disgusting lies.
The origin of the libel is explained here.
Take a page from Galloway, Tzipi: Sue him for everything he’s worth.

Galloway, Che and JFK

I’m not even slightly surprised that George Galloway would suggest that the same sinister imperialist forces which supposedly incapacitated Fidel Castro and killed Hugo Chavez also infected the late Tony Benn with Guillain–Barré syndrome.
What I find more interesting are two of the photos I noticed here in back of Galloway:

That’s right, Galloway apparently idolizes both [...]

Respect’s vision for the Arab World

Respect has just launched its new website.  Here is an extract from its brief explanation of the party’s policy on ‘the Arab world’.
The Arab people are one people with one language and one God; in Europe there are dozens of languages and many religions. Respects (sic) supports the idea of Arabs working towards unity, so [...]

Syrian TV blames you-know-who for crisis in Ukraine

Guest post by DaveM
Wondering what exactly is going on in the Ukraine? Wonder no more as Syrian TV station Al Ikhbaria has all the answers!
They explain it all in their March 8 report entitled “The crisis is an opportunity to make the Jews emigrate to the Occupied Lands”.

No sooner had the flames of the Ukrainian [...]