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Archive for 'Freedom of Expression'

UKIP and free speech

This story picks up on some of the themes in another recent post about UKIP – in particular their supposed insistence on  the importance of freedom of speech.  Michael Abberton received a police visit in response to a UKIP complaint (more on what that means exactly later) about a critical tweet.
The police explained that I [...]

More on freedom of speech: the case of Ben Garrison

In this interesting post cartoonist Ben Garrison describes how his work was maliciously misappropriated by anti-Semites. He is associated with the Australian group OHPI (Online Hate Prevention Institute), and the piece appears on their site.
I am well disposed towards OHPI, but unsure about their stance on ‘hate speech’ – on p.7 of this report you [...]

Do we really believe in free speech? The Weston Case

This blog has already discussed the Paul Weston case. Weston was arrested for reading out a quotation from Churchill.
Ken Bell makes the important point:
I find this hard to believe: Britain has just seen the political arrest of a candidate for making a campaign speech that quoted the words of Sir Winston Churchill. The police did [...]

The arrest of Paul Weston

Kenan Malik makes many excellent points in this piece, ‘Why hate speech should not be banned’.  For example:
[The concept of hate speech] is a way of making certain ideas illegitimate without bothering politically to challenge them. And that is dangerous.
Paul Weston has apparently been charged for a racially aggravated crime under Section 4 of the [...]

Bunkering Down with Julian Assange

Andrew O’Hagan tells a fascinating story of what it was like to ghost write Julian Assange’s autobiography. He did this under contract with Canongate Books, a hip publisher based in Edinburgh.
O’Hagan has got hold of a character who could be one of fiction’s great monsters with a toddler’s grasp of other people’s motives and [...]

Free speech and the Sharia ASBO [update]

Recently three people were given prison sentences for their part in the ‘Sharia patrols’. They also received a further punishment, a five year ban on the promotion of Sharia law:
The three men were today also slapped with a five-year Asbo banning them from distributing material about Sharia Law to the public, or even meeting each [...]

Wendy Doniger’s The Hindus to be withdrawn from sale in India

Once again religious sensibilities are being allowed to override freedom of expression.  Wendy Honiger’s The Hindus was first published in 2009 and, as a revisionist account of the religion’s history, has proved controversial.  It is now being reported that Penguin Books India:
… has agreed to withdraw all published copies of Wendy Doniger’s The Hindus. They have [...]

A “fabricated” wall of separation?

Staying on the topic of freedom of expression, Monday’s Roanoke Times features an article about Erik Estrada (of the 70s-80s TV series CHiPs) appearing at a local church to screen a movie he produced and stars in called “Uncommon.”
According to the film’s website:
Those who seek to indoctrinate our kids with the message that God is [...]

Uh-oh spaghetti-o’s: more censorious stupidity

According to the urban dictionary the phrase ‘uh-oh spaghetti-o’s’ may be glossed:
An exclamation made after the realization one has fucked up beyond repair.
This time the culprits are London South Bank University.  They have just had this poster banned because it is claimed it is ‘offensive’:

SBAS displayed the well-known image of the FSM on their pre-prepared [...]

Uthman Badar: Rationalising the irrational

This is a cross-post from Futile Democracy
“Give to every human being every right that you claim for yourself.”
- Robert Ingersoll.
In November last year, Recital Hall in Sydney played host to a debate with the motion: “God and Prophet’s should be protected from insult”. Arguing for the motion was Uthman Badar of Hizb ut-Tahrir. [Here is [...]