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Archive for 'Freedom & Liberty'

Goods, Services, and Ideology

As a classical liberal, I have always thought it both wrong and dangerous to force private businesses to provide goods and services they’re ideologically opposed to or to people they’re ideologically opposed to. My reasoning is based on the primacy of Freedom of Association if we are to be regarded as free people, but also [...]

Erdogan’s European lobby group UETD-UK holds political conference in a British school!

This is a cross-post from As Turkey Sleeps.

It is abundantly clear to anybody following political events in Turkey over the past few years that Erdogan’s government continues to silence free speech, restrict freedom of expression and abuse the rule of law.  This has resulted in journalists being arrested, media channels being closed down and judges jailed.   The dictatorial tendencies [...]

The Last Trump

This is a cross-post by Twll Dun
Last summer, I read a free e-book of Sinclair Lewis’ 1930’s novel “it can’t happen here”. An interesting dystopian counter-history, it told the story of America under the grip of a Fascist demagogue.
It has been playing on my mind of late, as have other fictional variants of the same [...]

Stop Meddling!

This is a guest post by Stephen Hoffman
The last time I checked the body is my own property, so the state shouldn’t dictate to me how I live in their pursuit of the perfect lifestyle to produce the perfect body. I don’t believe that it is the job of the Government to regulate as [...]

Turkish democracy erodes further after last week’s twin bomb blasts

By Abi Adnan Oktar
Turkey was shaken last weekend as two bombs exploded during a peace rally in Ankara, killing 128 people and injuring another 500. The rally was organised by several groups, including the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), to call for an end to the escalating violence between the Turkish government and the PKK. Footage [...]

Raif Badawi and blasphemy – the only victims are the guilty

This is a cross-post by John Sargeant at homo economicus
Raif Badawi has had his ten year sentence and 1,000 lashes upheld by the Saudi Arabian Supreme Court. For the last few weeks and months we have waited every single Friday to see if the remaining 950 lashes will be administered. His physical health after the [...]

How the French Intelligence new law could be a very dangerous reform

This is a guest post by Cyril Rolling
The bill was drafted shortly after the Charlie Hebdo attacks that happened in Paris five months ago. AQMI, the North African branch of Al Quaida, claimed responsibility for these assaults. That is why French authorities felt threatened as far as national security issues were concerned. Manuel Valls, the Prime [...]

The Empirics of Free Speech and Realistic Idealism: Part I

This is a cross-post from anonymous mugwump
King’s College London recently hosted a lecture given by their Professor of Public Policy and Political Economy, Mark Pennington. In that lecture, he expressed a methodology which is both empirically and normatively sound for constructing and limiting political institutions. The talk was about the ‘project of political economy’ and more specifically, ‘realistic idealism’ which
… rejects a narrow [...]

Haitham al-Haddad defames himself

If you Google Haddad + fgm, a video should be prominent in the results. If you click on it from the UK, this is what you get.

Evidently the Haddad camp has realised that more and more people have seen his shocking statements and found them disgusting. They can’t have their preacher defaming himself [...]

Abdullah al-Andalusi Melts Down

Abdullah al-Andalusi is one of the silliest of extremists. When he is faced with good questions rather than yet another crowd of admiring fellows, a petulant meltdown is the outcome.
Victorian translations (no really), an Inquisition court, post-colonial secular states, generous helpings of whataboutery, all the flailing is there.
See it happen in today’s “The Big [...]