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Archive for 'Freedom & Liberty'

On Brendan Eich’s resignation

Brendan Eich, CEO of Mozilla, has resigned following controversy over news that (back in 2008) he donated $1000.00 to an organization set up to oppose gay marriage.  Here is part of Mozilla’s own response:
Mozilla prides itself on being held to a different standard and, this past week, we didn’t live up to it. We know [...]

Independent confirmation of Birtwistle’s stance on Maajid Nawaz

A few days ago we heard reports of a letter allegedly sent by Burnley MP Gordon Birtwistle to a constituent who had asked for his views on Maajid Nawaz.
Dear Shoib,
Reaction Muslim Action
I can confirm I find the actions of Maajid Nawaz completely unacceptable and an insult to people from all religions. The Liberal Democrats should [...]

Christians in Pakistan

Today the Reverend Rana Khan gave a very informative talk at St Paul’s Cathedral about the plight of religious minorities in Pakistan, drawing on his own experience of unwelcome changes in his country.
As a child Rana Khan had been sent to stay with distant relatives so that he could attend a Christian school, but returned [...]

Abuse, fraud and segregation: a religious round up

Two very different official warnings have recently been issued to religious bodies.  By far the more serious of the two is the UN’s damning message to the Vatican over its alleged multiple failures to hold child abusers to account:
In grimly worded findings released by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, the watchdog [...]

Isolating Dissent: Maajid Nawaz and the ‘Jesus and Mo’ controversy

This is a cross-post from Jacobinism

[This is an extract from towards the end of the post. Please read in full here.]
Nawaz began receiving anonymous phone calls and death threats, some of which were so lurid and elaborate they’re better described as torture fantasies. All very regrettable, Shafiq explained when called upon to account for himself, but Maajid [...]

Campaign attacks Quilliam Foundation speaker’s campus event

This is a cross-post from Student Rights
Tomorrow Usama Hasan, the Senior Researcher in Islamic Affairs at the Quilliam Foundation, is due to speak at the University of Plymouth on the wider implications of the Arab Spring.
However, in the past few days a campaign has developed to pressure the university into cancelling the event, with a letter sent to the Vice Chancellor of [...]

Religious satire censored in Newtownabbey [updated]

The Reduced Shakespeare Company has also devised a show based on the Bible – ‘the complete word of God (abridged)’ as its publicity material explains.
The website of the Reduced Shakespeare Company, the play’s writers and performers described it as “an affectionate, irreverent roller coaster ride from fig leaves to Final Judgment”.
“[The RSC team] tackle the [...]

Free to annoy

In a welcome move the government has announced that it is dropping proposals to replace asbos with ‘ipnas’, injunctions designed to prevent ‘nuisance and annoyance’.  This followed a victory in the Lords for an amendment, introduced by one of the bill’s opponents, Lord Dear.  Fears had been expressed that the bill could be used to [...]

Apostates: penalties and asylum

Most readers will already be aware of the plight of Raif Badawi, the Saudi blogger accused of apostasy. More recently, a Mauritanian man, Cheikh Ould Mohamed M’Kheitir, was arrested for showing a ‘lack of respect’ to Muhammad and for apostasy.  This latter ‘crime’ is punishable by death in Mauritania.  Those who like to assert that [...]

More on gender segregation

Yesterday the Chief Executive of Universities UK, Nicola Dandridge, was interviewed on the Today programme. At one point she said:
‘You’re assuming that we have the right to impose views on participants’
In fact that was exactly what the guidelines she was defending assumed.
In a defence of gender segregated seating, Hizb-ut-Tahrir spokeswoman Shohana Khan writes:
First let’s be [...]