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Archive for 'Fish-heid McMoonface'

Any Colour As Long As It’s Independent

One of the manifestations of the sub state nationalism which many in Scotland have invested a considerable proportion of their personal identity and emotions is that it comes to see any criticism of it or – adding the personality cult which surrounds Fish-heid McMoonface to the mix – opposition to specific demands (such as allowing […]

Swimming Against the Tide

People in England, Wales and Northern Ireland should not be given a formal say on whether an independent Scotland joins a currency union with the UK, according to Alex Salmond. The first minister said a referendum in the rest of the UK would “not be required” following a “Yes” vote. Yes, and I should like […]

Scotland’s Turkmenbashi In His Natural Mileui

Recently I have noted the Alex Salmond deploying his deputy, Fish-heid NicMoonface more and more in front of domestic television cameras. Last year, however, it was he who provided a Scottish accent for Russia Today. Scroll forward to 2014, and he is less oleaginous than floundering as George Osborne entered the pelagic zone [Ed: okay, […]

SNP Response to Criticism: Lies or Vituperation

In my experience, the response to disagreement by the SNP is either vituperation or lies. In response to furious objection to his “impromptu” visit to the Primary 6 at closure threatened Bramble Braes Primary Six in Aberdeen Donside during the recent by-election needed to retain his super-majority at the Scottish Parliament, the oleaginous Alex Salmond […]

Transparent Up to a Point, King Alex

“Bringing power to the people” and effecting transparency is much more that simply moving the geographical focus of a legislatures, such as from Westminster to Holyrood. In contrast to pursuing attempts to impeach Tony Blair – on expenses, of course – Alex Salmond and the Scottish Government have been remarkably coy about revealing whether or […]

Alex Salmond: an Advocate for the Downtrodden and Dispossed

Except, in this case, the downtrodden are News Corp, and it is questionable about whether denying them full control of BSkyB is such a bad thing after all.