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Archive for 'Far Right'

What is PEGIDA?

This is a guest post by Jurek Molnar It is a great opportunity for me to provide for the readers and commentators of Harry’s Place some useful insights into the widely recognized but nevertheless often misunderstood phenomenon of PEGIDA. The purpose of this little essay is to introduce those readers who are not so familiar […]

Counter-terrorism awareness week

Nick Cohen, writing in today’s Observer, offers some serious reflections on the dangers posed by the government’s recent proposals: I suspect that Theresa May’s order that internet and mobile phone companies must allow the police to identify who was using a device and when will probably fail to stir you too. Essential clues for 21st-century […]

Just in time for the holidays

(The brainchild and creation of Jake Goretzki, who tweets here.) Hat tip: Bob from Brockley

National Action appear at University of Leeds

This is a cross-post from Student Rights In July Student Rights reported on efforts by the neo-Nazi group National Action to target several London universities with posters. At the time we wrote that institutions should be concerned about the group’s efforts to target campuses, and that further activity was likely. We have now uncovered a photograph which […]

Nazi sympathizer invades pitch at World Cup (see update)

It doesn’t say much for security at the World Cup in Brazil that an asshole with pro-Nazi messages on his torso was able to invade the pitch during the Germany-Ghana match. And nobody seemed in much of a hurry to remove him. Said asshole was finally ushered off the field by the Ghanian player Sulley […]

Another far-Right attack on US law enforcement

In case you missed it (and you probably did), there has been another attack on law enforcement officers by an extreme-right ideologue. Fortunately– unlike in Las Vegas last week– nobody was killed. Talking Points Memo reports: The man accused of shooting two law enforcement members in California, including a Bureau of Land Management ranger, has […]

Extreme Right terrorism in Las Vegas

On Sunday a married couple with links to the anti-government extreme Right murdered two police officers in a Las Vegas pizza restaurant and a customer at a Walmart before killing themselves. “There is no doubt that the suspects have an ideology that’s along the lines of militia and white supremacists,” said Kevin C. McMahill, assistant […]

Speak Russian? MI5 recruiting (and how Putin is the new far right)

If it’s not a new cold war, it’s decidely chilly. MI5 are recruiting Russian Intelligence Analysts: Using your specialist Russian language skills and your knowledge of Russia’s cultural affairs, history, politics, ideology and economy, you will add real understanding to the intelligence that has been gathered and deliver clear analysis in a variety of ways. […]

Europe’s far Right ♥ Putin

Writing last week at The Washington Post, Anne Applebaum observed: During his Brussels speech this week, Obama also declared that Russia leads “no bloc of nations, no global ideology.” This is true, up to a point: Russia’s “ideology” isn’t well-defined or clear. But the U.S. president was wrong to imply that the Russian president’s rhetoric, […]

The Dieudonnic Plague

David Rich has a very good, and very depressing article on Dieudonne and his kind:- “Making common cause” between Holocaust deniers, neo-fascists, the pro-Palestinian left, and the revolutionary Islamists of Iran is precisely what Dieudonné has spent the past decade trying to achieve. Originally from the political left, he has moved via anti-Israel rhetoric and […]