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Responses to antisemitic attacks in France

A recent article in the Financial Times revealed that many French Jews were moving to London:
Exact figures on how many Jews are leaving France and where they are going are hard to find because it is illegal to carry out a census according to ethnic or religious affiliation there. But there is little doubt many have [...]

Anti-Muslim rally in Poland features burning of Jewish effigy

From what I know about the Eastern European far Right, I can’t say I’m surprised that an anti-Muslim immigration demonstration in Poland ended with the burning in effigy of a Hasidic Jew holding a European Union flag.

A reminder, if anyone needed it, that there are plenty of people who hate Jews and Muslims with equal [...]

Mastermind of Paris attacks reported killed

The suspected ringleader of last Fridays atrocities in Paris was killed in a raid on an apartment building in a Paris suburb, intelligence officials reported.
Good. I’m pleased French police are permitted to shoot to kill, however much that may distress Jeremy Corbyn.
More than 100 police and soldiers stormed the building during a seven-hour siege that [...]

No joke

It looks like the setup to a joke, but while I’m sure some will accuse me of incurable naivete, it’s hard to see this as anything but good.
An Imam, a rabbi and a priest at Paris' Grand Synagogue prayer service.
— Noga Tarnopolsky (@NTarnopolsky) November 16, 2015

And here’s a reminder that the imam of the [...]

Compare and contrast

A message from Kafranbel, Syria, where people have been the victims of both the Assad regime and the Islamic State:

A message from the Stop the War Coalition (since deleted):

Alec adds: The article has been removed from the Stop the War – no! Not that one! – Coalition site. Shame that means it is gone [...]


I’ve never been in France, but this is the only response I can offer now to the ongoing atrocities against the people in the capital of that country. One of the greatest scenes in movie history:

France and BDS

The illegality of the BDS movement in France has been confirmed by a recent ruling.
A global campaign to boycott Israeli products has been judged to be illegal and antisemitic by France’s Supreme Court.
The ruling by the Cour de Cassation was welcomed by Jewish groups, but denounced as an attack on free speech by pro-Palestinian activists.
Lawyers [...]

Putin’s useful non-idiots

Anne Applebaum writes about an outfit called the World Policy Forum, which holds an annual “Dialogue of Civilizations” on the Greek island of Rhodes.
The forum… continued, as in the past, to gather people willing to endorse Russian views of the world. There was Vaclav Klaus, the former Czech president, who called Putin’s Syrian adventure a [...]

“Germany is truly your friend”

Least convincing propaganda poster ever?
Mussolini's new Italian Social Republic is a German puppet state. Propaganda poster: "Germany is truly your friend":
— WW2 Tweets from 1943 (@RealTimeWWII) September 23, 2015

Basic background: Italian dictator Benito Mussolini was forced from power by the Grand Council of Fascism and King Victor Emanuel III in July 1943, and imprisoned [...]

The tragedy of the Jews of Slovakia: Part 2

Karl Pfeifer recently interviewed the Slovak historian Prof. Dr. Pavol Mest’an, director of the Jewish Museum in Bratislava.
K.P.: The Hlinka party became in 1936 a clerical-fascist party. Was its leader the Catholic priest Hlinka, who died in 1938, also an anti-Semite?
P.M.: Andrej Hlinka came from the small place Ruzemberok and was a good friend of [...]