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Ireland honors Che Guevara with stamp

Some years ago, I was pleased to receive a postage stamp issued by Sweden honoring the great Swedish-born IWW organizer and songwriter Joe Hill.

In the 1960s the late Phil Ochs sang Joe Hill’s story.

As deserving as Joe Hill was of the honor of appearing on a stamp, the Stalinist mass killer Che Guevara is not.
So [...]

Sinn Fein Takes Health Policy Advice From Vaccine Opponents

This is a cross-post from Geoff’s Shorts
“Drugs are overprescribed… One reason for inappropriate prescribing may lie in the opaque relationship between the medical profession and the pharmacuetical [sic] industry. Major pharmaceutical companies, such as United Brands, sponsor medical conferences for doctors in luxury hotels. Moreover, there are no restrictions on general practitioners or hospital consultants [...]

Dr Ali Selim – Voice of Irish Muslims?

This is a cross-post from Geoff’s Shorts
“If Allah had willed, He could have made all of you humans a single people. But, He decided to let you choose your own path after showing you the Truth, and thus test yourselves. Outdo one another in actions that serve humanity and thus grow your “Self”. To Allah [...]

Ireland apologizes

Reuters reports:
The Irish government on Tuesday pardoned thousands of servicemen who deserted to fight for the Allied forces during World War Two after the Irish state decided to remain neutral in the war against Adolf Hitler’s Germany.
Ireland maintained its neutrality throughout the war, saying any other course would have threatened its independence, secured from Britain [...]

Dublin Always In My Heart

The preserved heart of Dublin’s patron saint has been stolen from a metal cage at Christ Church Cathedral. Either that or Oliver Reed has won another bet with Peter O’Toole.

What is Greek for Political and Economic Chaos?

Despite Kanellos the Greek riot dog being as dead as any dog at Mea Shearim which died of natural causes in 2008, and his resurrection being as staged as That Irishman Abroad’s interview, civil unrest on the streets of Athens continues.
On Tuesday of this week, Prime Minister George Papandreou’s Government survived a no-confidence [...]

Note to John Pilger

This is how democracies unseat inept and unpopular Governments.

Against Togetherness

for Kevin McLoughlin, Kieran Allen and friends
on the occasion of their temporary political marriage
to meet one of them
in an elevator and make polite
meaningless eye contact
on your way
to not the same floor; okay
to make miniscule
talk with one
about promised weather
(which, of course, he’s against)
as you sit either side of
the giant pink lampshade
in the brothel waiting room.
But gather [...]

Brian Cowen Stands Down…

… no, no need to get excited. He has stepped down only as Fianna Fail leader.
He remains as Taoiseach and Acting Foreign Minister. Biffo has been multi-tasking if nothing else.